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The ABC’s of Summer Reading 99¢ Sale: The Letter A

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Summer is a GREAT season for encouraging your little ones to read. That’s why Ambassador is launching the ABC’s of Summer Reading 99¢ Sale! We’ll be highlighting a different letter each week, all summer long. Let’s start with the letter A!

For one week only we’re offering two exciting children’s literature titles for just 99¢ each on iTunes! Pick up R. Mitchell Scott’s book A Donkey’s Little Tale and Robert & Kathleen Basmadjian’s book Abraham’s Journey: A Celebration of the American Dream for a discounted price for ebook during our one-week sale event. This special iTunes pricing will remain through June 7th, and then it will return to regular price.

 ABC--AA Donkey’s Little Tale

Synopsis: Preparing for the journey to Bethlehem in order to register for the census, Joseph groomed the gentle donkey colt chosen to accompany him and his bride, who was with child. Along the way, the charming little beast of burden committed to memory all he saw and heard along the way in hopes that his intuitive insights and attention to detail would be passed down for generations to come. Little did he realize he would be a witness to the birth of the Christ Child, never dreaming he would be pressed into the service of a King. Thus, the little chronicler fills in many gaps in the love story of Joseph and Mary, and the joyous birth of Jesus. This is his little tale. BUY NOW

Abraham’s Journey: A Celebration of the American Dream

SynopsisAbraham’s Journey: A Celebration of the American Dream tells the story of a young boy, who through his faith, imagination and entrepreneurial spirit, sets out to achieve the American dream.

Taking place during the first Great Recession, the story begins with Abraham learning that his Mother and Father had recently lost their jobs. With Christmas not far away, and his parents unable to buy gifts for him and his sister, Abraham is determined to take matters into his own hands.  Although he desperately wants to save Christmas for his family, the reality is, he too, has no money.  But dreams can come true…where there’s a will and a way!

The story transitions with Abraham online texting his friends, searching for odd jobs around the neighborhood, when an old man with a white beard (symbolized by Abraham Lincoln) pops up on his screen. “Hello Abraham, I am here to help you,” the old man announces… as he extends his hand to the boy.  Serving as his guide, Abraham is transported into a digital world, on a colorful and heartwarming journey… that will thrill and inspire.

Along the way, Abraham is introduced to a variety of successful American icons… preachers, artists, aviators, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists …all helping him to identify his special talent, and the many virtues necessary to help him achieve his American dream.

His journey now complete, the story culminates on Christmas Day with a simple act of giving.  Abraham’s creativity, hard work and perseverance not only enable him to provide for his family, but through his compassion and generosity, he is also able to touch the lives of others.  And that is truly a celebration of the American dream! BUY NOW


Three Great Christian Books, One Low Price with Vyrso

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Vyrso summer bundleAre you looking for something to keep you on the “edge of your seat” this summer? is offering the “Edge of Your Seat Bundle,” a great limited time offer on three of our fantastic ebook titles for only $16.44. All three of these great stories of action and mystery will keep you guessing right up to the very end. Make sure you act fast and add these great books to your collection.

Blue Dollar: With the world teetering on the brink of economic disaster, Randy Grant thinks he has uncovered a secret plot that threatens to bring down everything around him. Can he avoid both the enigmatic Satanist cult, the Thirteen, and the United States government long enough to prevent the coming catastrophe?

Alana Candler, Marked for Murder: Alana Candler know she’s on someone’s hit list, but she doesn’t know why. Finding help in the form of Jaydn Holbrook, an old family friend and now rich businessman, will she be able to figure out why her life is at risk? Only with the help of her newfound ally will she be able to make sense of the chaos around her.

The Unreconciled: The United States has been struck by a Christian Holocaust, leaving the country under the rule of a vicious Caliph. Denisa Graceon, an archeologist working for the Church, is on the hunt for Christian relics. With the help of an unlikely ally, she discovers a secret group called the Unreconciled—America’s last Christians.