The ABC’s of Summer Reading 99¢ Sale: The Letter E

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Summer is a GREAT season for encouraging your little ones to read. That’s why Ambassador is launching the ABC’s of Summer Reading 99¢ Sale! We’ll be highlighting a different letter each week, all summer long. We’re moving right along with the letter E!

For one week only we’re offering two exciting children’s literature titles for just 99¢ each on iTunes! Pick up Michelle Worthington’s ebook Each the Same and Ashley N. Grisham & Gary L. Kersey, Jr.’s  ebook Everyone Smiles for a discounted price for ebook during our one-week sale event. This special iTunes pricing will remain through June 28th, and then it will return to regular price.


Each the Same

Synopsis: The cows are in the milking shed, the horses are in the stable and the sheep are in the field. They all have their jobs to do to help make the farm a happy place to live. Someone’s squelching in the mud and it’s not the pigs. Who can it be? BUY NOW

Everyone Smiles

Synopsis: Everyone Smiles is a child’s educational step-by-step guide on how to keep one’s smile clean and healthy. The steps empower all children with an independent sense of pride and responsibility that they too have the ability to keep their smile strong. Advocating that the power of the smile touches each and every culture around the globe, in addition to the easy to learn dental health lesson for kids, this book includes pediatric diversity in the form of age, race, gender and both mental and physical disabilities. BUY NOW