The ABC’s of Summer Reading 99¢ Sale: The Letter L

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Summer is a GREAT season for encouraging your little ones to read. That’s why Ambassador is launching the ABC’s of Summer Reading 99¢ Sale! We’ll be highlighting a different letter each week, all summer long. We’re moving right along this week with the letter L!

For one week only we’re offering two exciting children’s literature titles for just 99¢ each on iTunes! Pick up Brenda Ellison’s ebook Li’l Dragon Tales and Kate Hanscom’s ebook Literal Lily for a discounted price for ebook during our one-week sale event. This special iTunes pricing will remain through July 19th, and then it will return to regular price.


Li’l Dragon Tales

Synopsis: The Grand Dragon Masters are the keepers and guards of a large red diamond in the shape of a heart. Known as the Heart of Fire, the red diamond sits atop a throne in a temple surrounded by stone replicas of Dragon Masters from since the beginning of time.    The little dragons are forbidden at a very young age from going to the Temple. A real danger of encountering and being captured by evil Dragon Slayers—always trying to steal the invaluable Heart of Fire—exists.   When Max, Gus, and Thor ignore their parents’ instructions to stay away from the Temple, they encounter Beaudolf and Tristan, Dragon Slayers who are on a quest to avenge their father’s death. There are lessons learned by everyone about the consequences of the choices they make. BUY NOW

Literal Lily

Synopsis: Rise and shine! Shop ‘til you drop!  Eat you right up! Ahhhh!!!!   As Lily and Mommy embark on a shopping trip to get supplies for her first EVER day of school, this adorable, curly-haired girl is easily confused when she takes commonly-used sayings exactly as they are spoken.  Through the book’s humorous situations and beautifully illustrated scenes, both Lily and the readers will not only learn the meaning of literal and some of today’s idioms but will also find themselves laughing along the way!   Literal Lily will inspire kids to ask questions, demonstrate different and descriptive verbiage, and most importantly, entertain! BUY NOW