Veteran Missionary Shares Experiences Among Cannibalistic Tribes

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Reckless AbandonVeteran Missionary Shares Experiences Among Cannibalistic Tribes

For immediate release: Is Jesus simply not worth the risk to many of us? In Reckless Abandon: A modern-day Gospel pioneer’s exploits among the most difficult to reach peoples, (Ambassador International; 2013; $13.99, paperback) author David Sitton inspires and encourages readers through his own experience working in cannibalistic areas of Papua New Guinea to risk their lives for the gospel. “If we, as gospel ambassadors, are unwilling to suffer even as much as soldiers and firemen, could the reason be that we don’t treasure Christ enough or value the gospel enough to sacrifice significantly for its advancement into unreached regions?” asks Sitton in his new book.

Sitton was barely a man when he left surfing and partying to live and preach in Papua New Guinea, a faraway, perilous land. Leaving Texas with a Bible, a suitcase and a surfboard, he took the gospel to people who had never heard the name of Jesus. For thirty-four years God has used him to help train missionaries, spread the gospel, and establish dozens of churches in remote regions. In the second edition of this book, experience the amazing things God did as David recklessly abandoned his will to the will of God.

This re-release edition of Reckless Abandon contains some new material and resources as well as information on Sitton’s two up-coming books, Ekballo and Hard Fighting Soldier.

About the Author: Sitton and his wife Tommie founded To Every Tribe Ministries where he currently serves as president. In January, 2006 they founded their second ministry, The Center for Pioneer Church Planting which is dedicated to recruiting, training and launching pioneer church planters into the far-flung regions where Christ is still unknown.

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