Will Montgomery

Will MontgomeryWill Montgomery, Lukewarm

About the Book: Lukewarm follows Luke Jennings, his best friend Blair and his song-writing sister Harvi through the dating world of Nashville, Tennessee. The lessons that are learned– and sometimes not learned– by Lukewarm‘s main characters are lessons we all can identify with and ones that partly make up our collective stories. As Luke begins dating a Facebook crush, Blair scores a part in a major motion picture and Harvi’s boyfriend shows her who he really is, the main characters are each uniquely reminded of the most important relationship in their lives: the one they have with God.

About the Author: Will Montgomery is a Christian writer and speaker living in Nashville, Tennessee. He was born into a wonderful family in Wilmington, North Carolina and grew up attempting to balance a keen sensibility to pop culture while growing daily in his faith. Lukewarm is his second book.

Review: “I can’t say enough great things about this novel. It kept my attention and left me just dying to read the next page–I couldn’t put it down. It is so refreshing to read a book that references Faith so much. It allows you to be comfortable knowing you won’t come across any racy material. If you’re looking for a clean, funny, deep, exciting, and relatable story, Lukewarm is it.” -Jessica, Amazon Reviewer

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