Woke Religion: What Christians Need to Read Today

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Hey, Christian! 

Are you searching for books that will challenge and uplift your faith, while discussing the times we are walking through now? Woke Religion may be all that and more!

Inspired by John Harris’s  Social Justice Goes to Church, author Wes Anderson discusses the steps the Church took to where it is today, and the dangerous precedent it has set. In the age of cancel culture, reading books like Woke Religion challenges the secular culture’s narrative, and shines a bright light on the path Christians must take. Incredibly relevant for today, tomorrow, and next year, and a must-read for any Christian looking to be able to defend his beliefs or understand the religion that is Woke.


But – books like this need more than just publishing! They need reading. If you feel discouraged by current events, buy and share this book with your family, friends, and neighbors. Supporting Christian authors and publishers is how we fight against the spirit of the age and helps us deliver great content to your bookshelves!


Hear Wes Anderson discuss his book with Pastor Christopher Arnzen on Iron Sharpens Iron Radio on September 17th at 4 PM ET, or listen to the recording at any time after that! Remember – it’s only a defeat if Christians turn their eyes away from Christ and cease encouraging one another. It is only by your support that Christian media is allowed to continue.


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