You’re the Husband: A Blueprint for Leading in Marriage

by Jeremy Howard

Genres: Christian Living, Cooking & Lifestyle, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781620205808

96 pages

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You're the Husband: A Blueprint for Leading in Marriage

Your wife needs you.

God calls men to be exceptional, extraordinary, and exemplary. Somewhere between the Garden of Eden and the invention of the latest video game console, this concept got completely lost on a huge population of young men in our modern society.

 You’re the Husband seeks to provide a road map for men as they navigate through marriage. God did not design it to be easy, nor did He design it to be perfect or everlasting. Instead, He designed marriage to be full of commitment, sacrifice, and service. He has designed marriage to sanctify. You’re the Husband examines the biblical pillars of being a husband—where love and responsibility come together to produce a godly marriage.



There is a cancerous void that continues to expand in our nation, among a significant mix of generations in America, and abroad. It is a swelling state of division among races and ideologies with no real answer on how to even approach addressing the downward spiral of disunity and tension. The United States has just experienced one of the most polarizing presidential elections in its history, and people from across all generations are crying out to have their voices heard.
Confusion and chaos are being conditioned into our lives as the new normal in even so-called Christian households as husbands, wives, and children are clamoring for answers. Where do we even begin to find answers and hope in this toxic environment we now live in?
In this unstable environment, author Jeremy Howard dares to remind families what it will take to restore that sense of hope and security, and it begins by going back to the basics, more specifically the role of the husband. With a great deal of prayer, sound research, and biblical insight, Jeremy walks the husband through how to be a consistent biblical leader in the home. He does more than simply list facts, but provides a blueprint to equip the husband for leadership in the home. This road map can give insight even to the husband who has no idea where to start. Furthermore, since Jeremy Howard is a millennial, he can address the millennial generation of husbands and men with a boldness that many authors cannot.
Whether you are a struggling husband, or just desire to become better equipped, I highly recommend You’re the Husband to you as an indispensable biblical resource.
—Stephen Goode
Pastor of Biblical Counseling, 
Northside Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC
Author of Marriage Triage: A Guide to Healing for the Hurting Spouse

Many men are trying to figure out the concept and applications of the biblical instructions for husbands with the same intimidation and confusion as a novice opening his first box of an IKEA do-it-yourself cabinet—impatient, frustrated, and not reading the instructions clearly.
Jeremy Howard identifies with both the new husband who wants to start the race strong and with the experienced husband who falls into a rut yet desires to please the Lord as a leader in the home.  In You’re the Husband, he explains the instructions from the Bible with simplicity. His practical applications for overcoming personal sins, intimidation of leading a more spiritually-competent wife, and ways to lovingly encourage our spouse are given with the encouragement of a personal trainer, wisdom of a tutor, and insight from a counselor.
—Steven Wong
Senior Pastor
Fellowship Bible Church, Belmont, CA

Conventional wisdom says that people should write books in the last couple decades of their life after they have gained some experience. This book breaks that mold. Jeremy Howard writes as a young man to young men while the issues of recent marriage are still fresh on his mind. He masterfully navigates through six key principles of leadership in marriage and provides practical homework assignments that will implement God’s Word in the husband/leader. Men: read this book!
—Paul Seger
Biblical Ministries Worldwide, Atlanta, GA



Jeremy Howard (B.S., Calvary University) is a missionary pastor at Payson Bible Church in Payson, UT. He and his wife, Melissa, have been married for six years and are from the small town of Sedalia, Missouri. They have two sons and are avid St. Louis Cardinals fans. Jeremy loves Jesus, his family, baseball, newspapers, and talk radio. Read more on his website,