About Ambassador International

Ambassador International is the primary trade imprint of Emerald House Group. Whether you’re an experienced author or if it’s your first time to enter the publishing world we have the experience needed to work on all levels. Being a trade publisher we seek to take each title to retail and offer royalty-based publishing contracts on those works we decide to advance. Authors interested in submitting their manuscript to Ambassador International should review our submission guidelines. Every year Ambassador International connects with a select number of authors to partner, publish, and promote their titles:

Ambassador International leads our authors through each step of the publishing process to ensure that your book stands out and succeeds. Want to know more about what happens when you partner with Ambassador? Here is a brief description of the steps we take with each new book project.

Partner: Authors that partner with Ambassador International, a trusted name in Christian publishing, can feel confident knowing they are working with a company founded over three decades ago. Ambassador has created a network of global contacts bringing millions of our books to every continent. With distribution bases in both the US and the UK we’re able to circulate your book worldwide, making your potential for success even greater.

Publish: By publishing your book, you have a unique opportunity to spread your message and impact lives. When you work with Ambassador you’ll see your book on retail shelves, in online stores, and on digital devices. We’ve published thousands of books over the years and yours could be next.

Promote: Promoting projects is how we stay competitive in a quickly-changing marketplace. The number of new books published annually in the US has more than doubled in the past 15 years which means in order to stand out our books must have top-quality cover design, a superior sales strategy, and the power of passionate authors behind them.

Our team is driven, focused and committed to each book publishing project. At Ambassador International, our authors are our partners. We work together through the process of publishing and promoting your book because we share a common goal—your success.


Christian Small Publishers Association

Ambassador International is a proud member of the Christian Small Publishers Association.