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News Releases


May 23: Licensed Therapist Laura Kuehn Releases Book to Help Children Battle Anxiety

February 7: Crawford to Release Revised Baptist Confession of Faith


May 3: Nineteenth century Orphan Trains come to life through the viewpoint of two sisters in new fiction


November 10: Irish cook brings taste of Ireland to the holiday table in new cookbook




December 1: Binge-worthy series comes out just in time for the holidays

January 8: Free from Pornography: A Powerful Testimony of Grace




November 23: New Cookbook Offers Sensuous and Delicious Tour of Ireland

October 20: Powerful Novel Aims to Bring Attention to “Bullycide”

October 19: Can Distance Really Make a Marriage Stronger?

October 15: Powerful Novel Encourages Readers Through Season of Hardship

September 22: 10 Steps for Fighting Life’s Battles Successfully

August 6: Prayer: More than Just Words Before Dinner

August 3: Learning to Trust God When Life Spirals Out of Control

July 19: Pastor Encourages Christians to Live Bold, Daring, Courageous Lives of Faith

July 18: Child with One Leg Beats the Odds and Kicks Cancer, Too

July 17: New Children’s Book Champions Creativity and Imagination

May 28: Book Tells Story of Jesus Through New Perspective

May 1: Good Samaritan Shot By Mugger Experiences Miraculous Healing

April 5: Pastor’s New Book Offers Relief From the Busyness of Life

April 4: Book Chronicles Life and Impact of Prominent Ex-Gay Christian

April 3: Wickedness of Sexual Abuse in Christian Church Exposed in New Book

March 20: Solo Hiking Trip Transforms Young Woman’s Life

March 16: New Book Uses Loveable Yellow Lab to Teach Water Safety

February 1: Children’s Book Fights Against Growing Oral Health Crisis

January 30: Fireball Missionary Spends 65 Years Advancing Gospel

January 1: Would You Choose Him All Over Again?


November 7: Gripping Novel Follows Young Orphan As She Navigates Tragedy

November 1: A Donkey’s Little Tale Provides Touching Account of Christ’s Birth

October 24: New Book Teaches Kids How to Biblically Combat Bullying

October 16: Military Spouses Open Up About Fears, Worries and Stress of Military Life

October 15: New Cookbook Serves Up Generous Helpings of Faith and Food

October 1: Heart-Wrenching Novel Tells Story of Christmastime Kidnapping

September 2: Movie Executive Reveals Remarkable Story in New Memoir

August 1: Shelter Dogs Star in New Children’s Book

July 9: Ambassador International Sponsoring Allume Conference for Women

June 30: New Book Offers Biblical Guide for Being a Powerful Last-Day Christian

May 30: Orphanage Worker Gives Honest, Heart-Wrenching Account of Massive Haiti Earthquake

May 15: New Book Aims to End “Civil War” Among Christians

May 9: Declutter Every Area of Your Life in Just 8 Weeks

May 2: Accountant-Turned-Adventurer Finds Faith and Love in South Africa

April 14: Pastor Issues Bible Memorization Challenge

April 4: Upstate Donkey Gains Fame with New Children’s Book

March 21: Former PBS Exec Shares Inspirational Stories in New Devotional

February 15: Book Exposes Dangers of Legalism

February 14: Author Shares Life’s Twisted, Unpredictable Journey in New Book

January 10: New Book Gives Pathway to Christian Maturity


November 10: Professor Reveals His Drift into Doubt

November 1: New Book Gives Teens “A Map for the Middle”

October 30: Secrets and Forbidden Love Surface in New Historical Novel

October 18: Letting Revelation Change the Way You Live

September 27: Fast-Paced Spiritual Thriller Shares True Story of Survival for Christian Family in Communist Romania

September 5: Tiny Mouse Plays Big Role in the Christmas Story

September 1: Renowned Cookbook Author Releases New Collection of Authentic Irish Christmas Recipes

August 23: New Children’s Book Teaches Young Readers the Importance of Making Choices

August 15: Fantasy Author Takes Readers on Epic Journey of Self Discovery

July 25: Author Uses His Life Experience to Show the Healing Power of God

July 15: Author Uses the Stories of Nine Adopted Cats to Share God’s Word

June 23: New Book Explores Christian Response to Pain

June 19: Pastor Makes Plea to Church to Rethink Approach to Homosexuality

May 16: Children’s Book Shares the True Story of a Water Skiing Baby

May 15: New Book Helps Families Love Those Suffering With Depression

May 5: Farm Animals Encourage Children to be Unique

May 1: Former Prisoner Uses Experience to Help Others Survive the Justice System

April 25: Book Takes Readers on Intimate Spiritual Journey

April 19: Secrets and Romance Surface in Majestic Alaska

April 17: Ambassador International Honors the Life and Legacy of George Beverly Shea

April 15: How a Cricket Changed the World

April 1: Veteran Missionary Shares Experiences Among Cannibalistic Tribes

March 18: Novel Features Heartwarming and Heart-Stopping Adventures of First-Year Teacher

March 6: Publisher Connects Book Clubs Directly With Authors

March 3: Novel Addresses Hardships Facing Military Families

February 25: Romance and Suspense Collide in New Christian Thriller

February 7: Eight Mothers Connected by One Doctor Share Their Stories of Life After Loss

January 23: New Children’s Book Encourages Young Readers to Help the Needy

January 18: Romance, Adventure, and Faith Unite in New Novel

January 15: Novel Explores Life of Woman Healed by Touching Jesus’ Garment


December 15: Children’s Book Combines Entertainment and Learning Tools

December 5: New Book Shares Fictional Account of Devastating 1913 Ohio Flood

November 29: Novel Explores the Power of Writing Upon One’s Inner Journey

November 5: Single Author Hopes to Encourage Other Unmarrieds

October 30: New Novel Address Race Issues in the American South

October 23: Life in the Special Needs World the Central Focus of New Novel

October 15: Business Parable Offers Leadership Insight Through Captivating Story

October 9: The Last Remaining Christians Fight to Survive in New Political Thriller

September 21: Christian School Movement Must Face Realities, Needs Transformation According to New Book

September 2: Find Greatness in Ordinary Moments With New Book

September 1: “Real Faith” is a Believer’s Guide to the Christian Faith

August 23: Author Carrie Daws Continues Popular Fiction Series with Ryan’s Crossing

August 6: Renew Your Space & Spirit in 20 Days with a Total Home Makeover

July 31: Transform Every Area of Life with Declutter Now! Uncovering the Hidden Joy & Freedom in Your Life

June 30: New Guidebook Equips Disaster Responders 

June 26: Christian Publisher Ambassador International Launches New Website

June 19: Forgiveness is Not an Option, It’s a Necessity, According to New Book

June 13: Children’s Book Dedicated to Restoring Faith in the American Dream

June 5: New Book Offers Biblical Care for Christian Marriages in Crisis

April 2: Collection of Inspirational Life Stories Challenge Women of All Ages and Every Walk of Life

March 30: Series of Devotionals Offers Insight for Coaches, Pastors and Leaders

March 30: New Devotional Uses Photography, Poetry and Scripture to Communicate God’s Beauty, Splendor

February 16: Bachelor Pad Winner Holly Durst Releases First Children’s Book

February 1: Cookbook Author Transports Readers to the Irish Countryside with Latest Cookbook

January 31: Truth of Fallen Angels, Giants, UFO’s Revealed in New Book

January 25: New Christian Novel Explores Bond of Brotherhood

January 18: New Christian Novel Explores Importance of Truth and Family

January 15: New Book Reveals Christian Testimonies of Major League Baseball Players


November 28: Resource Helps Grieving Find “New Normal” in 30 Days

November 16: Author Puts an End to Generations of Domestic Abuse, Alcoholism

October 24: New Cookbook Invites Readers on Culinary Journey from Northern Ireland to the American South

September 26: South Carolina Doctor Reveals One Patient’s Profound Impact in New Book

September 9: New Book Reveals Secrets of a Personal Shopper

September 1: Upstate Donkey Gains Fame With New Children’s Book

August 26: Devastating Car Crash, Encounter with a Drunk Doctor and House Fire Among Woman’s Most Powerful Life Moments

August 25: Missionary Shares Gospel in Cannibalistic Areas

July 25: New Biography Reveals Darker Side of Amish Culture

July 19: Former Addict Helps Others Embrace Life Beyond Sobriety

June 28: Eating Disorders Experiencing Unprecedented Growth

June 13: Young Widow Hopes to Encourage Other Caregivers

April 15: Living Christian Faith like Living in a Hurricane

March 30: New Book Parallels Christian Faith and Running