Dr. Henry R. Pike

An American by birth, Henry R. Pike was led to Christ by his Sunday school teacher in 1946. At the age of eighteen, he lost the ambulatory function of both legs in a serious high school football accident. Because of this, he has spent his life walking with the aid of long leg braces and crutches. Among his earned degrees, he holds a Ph. D in religious education. In 1974, he released the documentary, Religion Red and Rotten, exposing the World Council of Churches and their financial support of the communist-backed terrorist groups operating in Africa. His massive work, A History of Communism in South Africa, was the first comprehensive and definitive book ever written on this subject. While attending to his son in a Johannesburg hospital, diagnosed at that time with “terminal leukemia,” he was impressed to begin the work, Suffering and Death, the Saint’s Highest Calling. It has gone through many printings, bringing fresh hope and good cheer to thousands of hurting people in different parts of the world. With his wife, Addien, they have served as missionaries for over five decades. Most of their gospel labors were in Australia and South Africa. Unable to travel due to declining health, the author is now permanently confined to a wheelchair. The Pikes make their home in the southern United States.