Through My Eyes: A Teacher’s Frank Advice for Navigating the Challenges of Life with a Special Needs Child

by Jason M. Hufft

Genres: Christian Living, Cooking & Lifestyle, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781620202449

328 pages

Price: $16.99

CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS HAVE a right to life and the pursuit of happiness, but few people understand the difficulties they face. Through My Eyes is a guidebook for parents, caregivers and teachers to help them navigate the challenges of raising a child with a development disorder including autism or ADD. Through My Eyes is a passionate educator’s frank advice and spiritual guidance for realistically assessing and shaping a child with special needs including character building requirements as well as growth and developmental needs.

Through My Eyes is full of hope and encouragement for anyone connected to the task of providing compassionate and effective care to those who rely on assistance to manage day-to-day problems. Readers will find practical tips and resources to care for children who are frequently failed by a broken system, so that they can achieve their full intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and behavioral potential.


JASON HUFFT is currently an educator of children with special needs who has documented his experiences in the classroom with these children in a manner that goes beyond the ill-disguised misconceptions about the life span needs of children with special needs. He provides informative workshops involving the behaviors of autism and related birth boundaries in addition to coping strategies for children who are facing these challenges. He also provides assistance to caregivers who are seeking information regarding the various birth boundaries before they give behavior reports to their children’s pediatricians or other professionals. For more details, visit: