Gladiators Arising: Blood-Bought vs. Blood Sport

by Trent Herbert

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781620208519

140 pages

Price: $10.99

History repeats.
Gladiators Arising: Blood-Bought vs. Blood Sport examines the resurgence of blood sports in the world today and its infiltration into the church. Historians are calling on people not to be comforted in the false assumption that gladiatorial fights could never happen again. Yet, it is realized that the neo-gladiators of Mixed Martial Arts have already arisen. This book walks through the corridors of time and takes a panoramic historical view of the early church’s collision with gladiators and its ultimate victory. The exploding concussion crisis makes this a timely book and the uncomfortable realities need a biblical response.
Gladiators Arising demonstrates the early church’s success in piercing the darkness with the Light of Christ. It was through loving those created in His image and sharing the Gospel no matter the cost that changed the course of history. The cross today, standing within the weathered Roman Colosseum, beckons us to remember the past, understand the present, and prepare for the future.

Gladiators Arising presents an informative and passionate call to the church regarding a topic too-long overlooked. With the alarming rise in the popularity of cage fighting and similar “blood sports,” the arrival of such a book is both welcome and long overdue. In Gladiators Arising the author constructs a compelling parallel between the blood sports of the Roman Empire and cage fighting, so popular in our twenty-first century culture. With so few resources presently addressing this critical subject, Gladiators Arising is highly recommended as a valuable resource to discerning Christians everywhere as this insidious spectator sport continues to take the western world by storm. —Nathanael Reed, Author


Trent Herbert graduated from Moody Bible Institute and for many years has been involved in evangelism, cross-cultural outreach, and pro-life ministry. Trent and his wife Laurie have been blessed with eight children.