God Made You, My Darling Girl

by Kelsie Detweiler


ISBN: 9781649606488

44 pages

Price: $21.99

When Kelsie Detweiler was looking for a good book that would teach her own young children they were perfectly created by their loving Creator, she discovered there weren’t a lot of books out there that celebrated His beautiful intent for each one of us. Wanting something that would show her daughter she was “fearfully and wonderfully made,” Detweiler developed a beautiful picture book to discuss the uniqueness of each girl. The result is God Made You, My Darling Girl—a delightful, age-appropriate book to help begin the conversation about God’s handiwork in our creation and what it means to be a girl.


Kelsie Detweiler is a wife and thankful mom of two who enjoys homeschooling her children, playing instruments, and spending time with her family and friends. She is passionate about child discipleship and hopes her writing will influence others to think biblically when it comes to cultural issues. She can often be found drinking coffee, taking a walk, or scheming up new hobbies. She can be found on Instagram @kelsiedetweiler.