Guess How Much God Loves You

by Karen Ferguson

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Illustrated Books

ISBN: 9781649601001

40 pages

Price: $18.99

Guess How Much God Loves You is the story of seven-year-old Lucy Lu, a colorful, creatively curious first-grader, who is starting to have serious questions about God.

  • How old is He?
  • Does He sleep?
  • What does He do all day?
  • And the biggest one of all—does God love me?


After one particularly hard day of being bullied by her classmates at school, Lucy feels like she doesn’t matter. She sits with Papa Joe, who has promised to answer her questions about God, launching them onto a journey to discover God’s never-changing, never-failing, never-ending love. What follows is a wild adventure through the Bible, where Lucy and her papa find themselves in the middle of each page of the exciting story of God’s love and faithfulness for all people throughout all of history.


Karen Ferguson is a freelance writer and solopreneur with a background in K-8 education. A grateful mom, wife, and grandmom, she loves words and Scripture and is passionate about writing stories that grab and hold young readers' attentions while teaching them all about God's unchangeable truths and His unchanging love for them. She wants every child to know that their life matters! Through Karen's company, Illuminate Communications, LLC. and her Fit for Work & Life blog, she creates online content and informational products in the writing, wellness, workplace spaces. She self-published her first book in 2017—a twenty-one-day devotional called Breath of Life: Living God's Promise in the 7 Dimensions of Wellness and a digital course by the same name. Karen loves reading, writing, staying active, dabbling in the German language, and spending time with her family and their crazy Golden Retriever in Vancouver, WA.