Life is Fluid: A Women’s Study from the Book of Ecclesiastes

by Marcy Lytle

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals, Christian Living, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781935507215

80 pages

Price: $7.99

We flow on down the river and the rain comes, the river floods, and we are barely hanging on to a very weak limb. It would seem that the best spot in this fluid life would be a spot along the river where everything is picture perfect, where all is good with our life and we are at peace.  However, as life goes, the river flows, and we are on the move again. Life is fluid.


Marcy Lytle is currently editor of two local magazines in the Austin, Texas area, and this is her second book. She is married to Jon, and they have two children, Kamrin (who is married to Tyler) and Conner.