Pausing with Purpose: A Lenten Devotional

by C.J. Vegter

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals

ISBN: 9781649604316

120 pages

Price: $19.99

During the Lenten season, we have the opportunity to stop and reflect on what Christ did for us thousands of years ago and also what He has done for us over the past year. During a season of extreme sickness with Lyme disease, alpha-gal syndrome, and food allergies, C.J. Vegter wrote down inspirational quotes as she spent time with God asking for healing. Now healed from many of her illnesses, C.J. wants to give others the same hope she received during some of the darkest days of her life—and what better way than to help with meditations during the Lenten season. These forty-seven days of devotions will help you to navigate the Lenten season and reflect on the goodness of God in your own life.


“Lent is a time to reflect and remember the passion, death, and resurrection of our Savior and Redeemer. As you prepare for the celebration of Easter Sunday, I would encourage you to pick up the devotional, Pausing With Purpose by C.J. Vegter. This is a wonderful forty-day devotional to keep you mindful of His love and sacrifice for us. The short but probing daily devotions will call you into a deeper walk with Jesus and keep you focused on the meaning of Lent and Easter.”
Sharen Brewer, Women’s Leader
Hope Church, Bentonville, AR

“In a day where our lives are constantly bombarded by distractions, Pausing With Purpose offers relief as a refreshing, short, daily tool that guides readers into a deeper relationship with Christ. Writer C.J. Vegter takes you on a journey of growth using real-life experience and deep life-changing quotes that the Lord has revealed to her through life. Her humble and transparent authenticity connects powerfully with any reader. I’ve known C.J. for many years and have seen her dedication to the Lord firsthand. When I faced trials, she consistently helped me to focus on the Lord and His purposes. She now shares this life-giving attitude to benefit anyone who wants to walk through life’s struggles as a victor!”
Jeff McIntosh, Kidz Pastor
Cross Assembly, Raleigh, NC

“A very easy and concise read. C.J’s ability to shift our thinking where it needs to be—during Lent or any time of the year—is most excellent. Each day’s devotional thought provokes the reader to press in and reflect on their own journey with the Lord. Her ability to share relational stories ties the theme and scriptural reference together quite nicely. Giving the reader the opportunity to journal with our own take-aways and prayers is a great bonus! Thank-you, C.J., for being vulnerable and transparent as you share your gifts with us. Loved it!”
Jim and Wendy Paisley, Youth Pastors
St. Augustine, FL

“A perfect Lenten companion, Pausing with Purpose: A Lenten Devotional offers personal stories, interactive sections, chapter summaries, and closing prayers. Deepen your relationship with Jesus and embrace personal transformation in this beautifully written devotional. A must-read for spiritual growth during Lent.”
Paul Durbin, Pastor
Belay Church, Boulder, CO
Author of When Jesus Stole My Bread

“C.J. Vegter’s Lenten devotional is inspiring and encouraging. Each day’s reading includes a deeply personal and, usually, humble story from C.J.’s life or an evocative passage from the Scriptures. These allow the reader to lower shame-based, self-protective mechanisms, which are usually derived from some sort of trauma. This enables us to fearlessly acknowledge our stumbles and grow stronger by inviting the Holy Spirit to heal, empower, and motivate us to be who God intended. One unusual thing about C.J.’s writing is that the reader can relate to the heart of her message, even though we may not have shared her particular circumstances. The art of her prose is realism, not abstraction. Thus, the Lord connects to us through her in very practical and applicable ways!”
Dr. Mike Tenneson
Department Chair and Professor of Biology
Evangel University, Springfield, MO

“This was an uplifting daily read during the season of Lent (or any season). C.J. takes Scripture, the story of Jesus, and her personal journey and ties them together in a beautiful way.”
Heidi Dennis, MS, LPC
Therapist, Speaker, and Author of Hello, Anxiety
Bentonville, AR

“Refreshing for the soul! I’d be privileged to weigh in and encourage folks to take to heart the devotional offerings of C.J. Vegter. C.J. brings a positive, faith-filled word with insight and creativity. I am always encouraged in the Lord after each read! ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’ (Psalm 34:8)!”
Wanda Talley
Retired missionary
Memphis, TN”


C.J. Vegter grew up as a missionary kid in Bogota, Colombia, and Quito, Ecuador. After college, she moved to Bangkok, Thailand, as a missionary for two years besides working various jobs and moving around from Florida to Missouri to North Carolina until she met her husband on a missionary kid retreat in Spain. They live in Centerton, Arkansas, with their two kids and are still involved in their local church and helping missionary kids when they can.