Phantom’s Blade | The Vindicators, Book 4

by Jake Tyson

Genres: Fantasy, Fiction

ISBN: 9781649605078

360 pages

Price: $19.99

With Gideon’s loss of his superpowers and the scattering of his friends, it seems the days of the Vindicators are over for good. Gideon and Jolie are settling into married life, Dean is brokering a deal with the government in D.C., and Carter is working security at Sterling Enterprises. But, with a mysterious thief causing mayhem, a deadly swordsman haunting the Brooks, and organized crime rising all around them, Sojourn City needs a hero—or heroes—fast. With no super powers among them, it is up to Gideon, Carter, and their friends to find what God has put inside of them to protect their city.


Jake Tyson, a journalism graduate from Central Baptist College, has been writing creatively since he was nine years old and has been a fan of superheroes and Star Wars for as long as he can remember. He and his wife Jessica live in Conway, Arkansas. Jake works for Lifeword Media Ministry and as the youth pastor at Oak Park Baptist Church. He is the author of Vigilante’s Light and its sequel, Freedom’s Fight. He has also written a flash fiction short story, Joining the Team, for, and a short story in Ambassador International’s science fiction anthology, Into the Unknown.