The Honest Atheist

by Thor Ramsey


ISBN: 9781649605474

182 pages

Price: $15.99

Sam Seitz is a mildly successful, stand-up comedian who becomes good friends with bestselling atheist, Horton Murray, author of The Honest Atheist. In his book, Murray argues that nothing actually matters in life because existence is accidental. Horton Murray is known as “the man who made nihilism popular.”
When Sam’s nephew, Franky, not only becomes a devout fanboy of Horton Murray but insists the premise proposed in his book be applied to life, he takes Horton’s ideology more seriously than anyone ever thought possible—with deadly consequences. Thus, a lighthearted romp turns into a dark cautionary tale, shocking in its brutal depiction of taking an idea to its logical conclusion.
If it’s true that “all comic novels must be about matters of life and death,” The Honest Atheist obliges. This entertaining and thought-provoking tragicomedy provides clues to where our loss of public decency originates while telling a moving story of an unlikely friendship between an atheist and an evangelical Christian.
Part crime story and part apologetic treatise, The Honest Atheist is a comedic and binge-worthy work.


Thor Ramsey is a Christian, husband, father, preacher, author, screenwriter, actor, vertebrate, biped, and stand-up comic, in that order.