The League of Pardoned Rebels

by Derrick West

Genres: Christian Living, History

ISBN: 9781649600158

208 pages

Price: $14.99

Derrick’s book, masterfully titled, is more timely today than ever before. Given the Church’s wholesale abandonment of discipleship and decreasing appetite for following the life-giving way of our Messiah, Derrick’s voice is a refreshing call to reclaim what’s been lost and give our lives fully to Him.
Rev. Biz Gainey
Senior Pastor, Pillar Community Church, Vero Beach, FL

The Jews expected a Messiah to come Who would ride in like a white knight and destroy their enemies. But they never expected a humble Carpenter Who chose a rag-tag bunch to follow Him and lead His Church.

In The League of Pardoned Rebels, Derrick West takes a closer look at the league that Jesus created, demonstrating how each one reflects something that is part of all of us. From Matthew’s infamous role as a tax collector to Peter’s impulsiveness and James’ and John’s tempers, each apostle demonstrates a sinful nature that we can all relate to.

But from this motley crew, Jesus chose twelve men to lead His followers after He returned to Heaven, demonstrating that He can use the basest of sinners to accomplish His purpose.

A concise but thorough expose of the original disciples, The League of Pardoned Rebels is a fantastic read for laity who want to better understand the message of the Bible and their place in God’s redemptive story. Theological educators and Bible teachers in a variety of settings will also benefit from West’s scholarship and application of each disciple s story for contemporary life.



“Derrick’s passion for teaching and applying Scripture is present in his examination of each disciple. Both laity and clergy will be challenged and encouraged when reading this book.”
—Dr. Jeff Audirsch
Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans, LA

“I would use this book as a source for preaching on the disciples.”
—Dr. Benjie Loyd
Senior Pastor, River Road Baptist Church, Hillard, FL

“Derrick is an excellent thinker, who has put truth over tribe. He serves the Church well.”
—Dr. Jay Sanders
Chair of Biblical Studies, Strong Rock Christian School, Locust Grove, GA

“Derrick has a gift for explaining the Bible, and he challenges the wise with his depth of insight in this book.”
—Rev. Greg Sempsrott
Senior Pastor, Vero Bible Fellowship, Vero Beach, FL


Derrick is a minister, theological educator, and writer who resides in the smallest town with the best restaurants in the United States: Vero Beach, FL. He married his wife, Dawn, in 2003. Together, they have two children: Miller (13) and Darcie Samantha (12). He is an accomplished blues guitar player who also enjoys playing golf and letting his friends know just how good Clemson University is at football.