The LORD My Shepherd: A Topical Devotional Guide for the Psalms

by Donald Orthner

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals, Reference

ISBN: 9781935507840

416 pages

Price: $17.99

Psalms is widely considered the most-loved book in the Bible. Its intensely personal passages picture our own struggles, defeats, and victories; its instruction includes numerous principles and practices for godly worship, service, and day-to-day living. The Psalms’ high praises of Almighty God ring through many of our beloved hymns and songs.  Psalms’ historical scope ranges from the days of creation through prophecies of the Messiah’s life, death, resurrection, and coming again.  Martin Luther called Psalms “a little Bible,” and indeed it is. The LORD My Shepherd captures these and many more pertinent subjects in a devotional topical format.  It’s for understanding and applying the Psalms in your own life and worship. Come, “Magnify the LORD with me!”

Endorsements for The LORD My Shepherd:

“The refreshing waters of the Bible’s hymnbook have been made easier for us to sail by these navigational aids Don Orthner has spent years preparing and now puts in our hands. What a useful tool this is for anyone studying the Psalms expositionally or devotionally!”


Chancellor, Bob Jones University

“Don has accomplished a yeoman’s task in giving Christendom a topical study of the entire book of Psalms. Pastors, teachers, and laymen all will benefit from this easy way to find not only the references that deal with a particular topic, but also their context and insight into their meaning. This sequel to his topical study of the book of Proverbs, Wellsprings of Life, is a great resource for plumbing the deep and precious truths found in the psalms.”


A founder and Chairman of the Board of
The Wilds Christian Association

“Many times I have fled to the Psalms in my devotional life for encouragement and refreshment for my soul. Many times in ministry, I have directed others to do the same. This wonderful book will amplify that encouragement and refreshment. I encourage all believers to read it carefully and bask in it repeatedly.”


President, American Association of Christian Schools

“Some devotional books consist primarily of men’s words with a dusting of God’s throughout, but this simple and practical study plunges the reader into the depths of Scripture with minimal, yet helpful, commentary. It lays out a clear path to knowing the almighty Being Who created us, Who offers redemption to us, and Who desires a personal relationship with us. I commend it to all those who seek guidance for their personal worship and growth in grace.”


Youth Pastor, Heritage Bible Church, Greer SC


Don Orthner’s reverence and love for God’s word generated this book. The analytical and presentation skills he developed in the business world also contributed much to it. He combines these here in the topical and application-oriented approach he used in his prior books, Wellsprings of Life, Understanding Proverbs and Paintings by the Master, Understanding the Gospels through Christ’s Word Pictures.