The Magi of Miriam

by M.K. Sweeney

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Middle Grade, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781649601308

400 pages

Price: $18.99

“In her novel The Magi of Miriam, M.K. Sweeney conjures up a magical realm in the tradition of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia and J.K. Rowling’s Hogwarts Castle. Her spirited prose brings to life a fantastic cast of characters—royals and lords, good and evil, dragons, Magi, and one bewildered boy—in the memorable Land of Miriam, where the universal battle of Darkness and Light is re-enacted with engaging originality, imagination, and verve. The pages turn themselves.”
Charles Scribner III


Jesse Walker is a twelve-year-old boy who is just trying to adjust to his new life in Eufala, Alabama, with his father and little sister after the death of his mother. But when Jesse finds a mysterious note from his mother in his backpack one morning, he suddenly finds himself questioning everything he has ever known. What is the Land of Miriam, and what does it have to do with him? And why is he being followed?

Princess Eonia has been kidnapped by the Gors, who want to find the Key to the Book of Good and Evil. But with evil intentions on their minds, the Gors are ready to get rid of anyone who gets in their way―especially the king and queen of the Land of Miriam.

When Jesse goes to bed one Friday night, he suddenly finds himself heading off on an adventure to a land where Darkness and Light are at war, alicorns exist, and dragons are something to be feared. But how can he, a simple boy, be of help? With the help of the Thwackers, some good dragons, and a kavat, Jesse is racing against the clock to save the princess and make sure that Darkness does not win in the end.


What Others are Saying about The Magi of Miriam:

“M.K. Sweeney’s delightful, fanciful The Magi of Miriam is reminiscent of fiction by other authors who use initials, including J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and J.M. Barrie, to name a few. This absorbing work also echoes biblical and philosophical writings about goodness and evil, the nature of faith, and dilemmas in choosing the light or darkness. Moving magically in a seeming time warp from the present day to a kingdom of flying dragons and other oddities and back, this is a novel that readers of all ages will relish.”
Richard H. Amberg Jr.

“I love everything about this book.”
Vivian Woodrum
5th grader, Atlanta, GA


As an attorney with a penchant for writing who was raised in the South, Sweeney is uniquely qualified to write The Magi of Miriam. The author was thrust into the abounding creativity of children with the birth of her own three kids. Seeking to impart the importance of spiritual growth to children while capturing the reader’s imagination in a fast-paced, heart-racing adventure, Sweeney wrote The Magi of Miriam.