The Siege of Logon’s Bridge

by J.M. MacLeod

Genres: Fantasy, Fiction

ISBN: 9781649604170

374 pages

Price: $18.99

After King Elyon’s son, Prince Logon Xychirioin, constructed a bridge over the Flaming Sword River, countless Carnalians have successfully escaped the doomed empire and found safety in the kingdom of Ecclessa. But the bridge is also rumored to be the entrance that King Elyon’s troops need to free Carnalia and regain his rightful ownership of the kingdom and its surrounding lands. Not to be overthrown, the evil emperor of Carnalia has set his sights on the narrow bridge and has plans to destroy those loyal to King Elyon once and for all.

As the Carnalian military make their plans for war, Artka and his brigade are ready to continue with Prince Logon’s plan, with Jeda and Bonu setting their sights on Logon’s Bridge and beyond. But things are not going as the brave troop hopes. As they near the ultimate battle between Ecclessa and Carnalia, they will be asked to risk their lives for a greater cause.


John has worked as a stringer photojournalist for The Courier of Littleton, NH, and staff writer/photographer for The Caledonian Record in St. Johnsbury, VT. He has directed evangelistic Christian coffeehouse ministries, served as deacon and teacher in various denominational churches, pastored house churches, and, with his wife Beverly, been a youth group leader. John became devoted to studying and memorizing portions of the Bible so he would know what the Bible said as opposed to basing his beliefs solely on what others taught. The Saga of the Singing Sword Brigade series is the outcome of the couple’s spiritual journey including their escape from deception. John writes to encourage believers to study and apply scriptural truth to their lives, engage in evangelism, and participate in the visible and invisible spiritual warfare around us.