Treasury of Daily Devotions

by Charles Edwards

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals

ISBN: 9781620201756

Price: $9.99

It has been said that, “We stand on the shoulders of giants” in reference to the legacy of those who walked with God in previous generations. Treasury of Daily Devotions brings us the writings of influential Christians in previous eras. Their zeal will challenge us to go forward in the Christian life and be equipped to serve the Lord. Spiritual growth, like physical growth, requires careful nurture. For this we need help from God and from His servants sent to encourage us along the way. May this “Cloud of Witnesses” minister to our timeless needs.


Treasury of Daily Devotions contains 365 Reflections from: C.H. Spurgeon, F.B. Meyer, Catherine Booth, Matthew Henry, George Mueller, R.A. Torrey, E.M. Bounds, John Wesley, D.L. Moody, Frances Havergal,  J.C. Ryle, Andrew Murray, John Owen , Amy Carmichael, John Bunyan, Robert Murray McCheyne, A.W. Tozer, Martin Luther, J. Hudson Taylor and many other people of faith.


Charles Edwards has enjoyed a lifetime in books. For this compilation he has chosen spiritual insights from well-known men and women who have walked with God. The selections will inspire you in your daily walk.