Vigilante’s Light

by Jake Tyson

Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction

ISBN: 9781649600271

398 pages

Price: $17.99

Gideon Turner—doctor—scientist—vigilante.

After being captured in Venezuela by guerrillas and used as a genetic engineering experiment, Gideon finds himself with strange super-abilities.

When he is rescued and returns home to Sojourn City, it is in shambles. The police are understaffed and the poorest area, the Brooks, is torn apart by crime. Gideon decides the city needs a vigilante protector, but at what price?


Jake Tyson, a journalism graduate from Central Baptist College, has been writing creatively since he was nine years old and has been a fan of superheroes and Star Wars for as long as he can remember. He is a resident of Conway, Arkansas, where he lives with his wife, Jessica and works for Lifeword Media Ministry. He has also written a flash fiction short story, Joining the Team, for