Waiting While Dating: Christian Couples Who Kept God First From Courtship to Marriage

by Lindsey Holder

Genres: Christian Living, Cooking & Lifestyle, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781620205631

160 pages

Price: $13.99

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Dating in modern times can be confusing and seem more complicated than ever. How do you date and get close to someone while keeping God first? When meeting someone new, there are many questions and scenarios to be thought about. Should he pursue first? How often should you spend time together? When should you start attending church as a couple? Should you serve in the same area? When into the relationship should you hold hands or kiss? What do social media boundaries look like?

While these specific questions are not directly answered in the Bible, it is comforting to know six couples who kept God first in the relationship and yet each had different answers to these questions and more.

Waiting While Dating interviews six Christian couples who had different backgrounds and situations, some had been previously married and some had not. The couples span from meeting in their twenties, to thirties and forties. Each couple opens up and gives personal insight on what attracted them to their current spouse, how they held each other accountable, what leadership from the man looked like in the relationship, what patience looked like from the female perspective and many more intimate details. Whether you’re heading out on that next first date, are pondering about your current relationship, or whether you’re in the engagement phase, let Waiting While Dating open up some questions to help you keep God first while on your journey to finding your forever.

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Lindsey Holder resides in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina, with her husband. After living in Los Angeles for years, her work in the entertainment industry made her well known as a high profile celebrity assistant. Lindsey came back to her roots using her entrepreneurial spirit and opened a successful business in Greenville, SC. She is also the author of How to Become a Celebrity Assistant: Your Inside Source. Lindsey thrives on using her writing talents and shares her life experiences through her site at lindseyholder.com. She is actively involved with her church and surrounds herself with mentors, family, and friends. Lindsey met her husband during the editing phase of this book. She found this book to be a useful and practical resource throughout their courtship. Lindsey is honored God has used her brokenness to encourage and help people know God is a giver of second chances.
Our Lord is Forever Faithful, Forever Honest, Forever Yours.