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Facebook Giveaway: Win a Copy of Marked for Murder!

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Alana Candler, Marked for MurderWhat better way to start the new school year off than WINNING a free book! Ambassador International is giving away a free copy of Marked for Murder to one lucky reader! Make sure you enter to win our monthly giveaway on Facebook!

Alana Candler is being stalked. After being kidnapped, Alana is saved by Jaydn Holbrook, CEO of one of the largest companies in Tennessee, and promised that he’ll keep her safe. Alana’s faith in God to protect her intrigues Jadyn. As the tension builds, their bond remains as fragile as ever. Will Alana figure out why she has been marked for murder? How does faith in God impact situations? Make sure you enter to win your free copy of Marked for Murder to find out Alana’s fate! Half Price Sale: Reckless Abandon

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Reckless AbandonScore David Sitton’s book Reckless Abandon: A Gospel Pioneer’s Exploits Among the Most Difficult to Reach People’s for an incredible price! From August 27-30 is featuring this powerful title in its Midweek Madness sale. During this time you can add Reckless Abandon to your library for just $6.99, half off the regular price.

Check out what other readers are saying about Reckless Abandon:

“David Sitton provides a marvelous window into unconventional tribal outreach. His conversational style and short chapters makes this book an easy read. He is both transparent and inspirational as he shares how God used his life to take the good news about Jesus to remote tribal people of Papua: New Guinea. Great book!” -Michael Eugene Mosier, Amazon Reviewer

“David Sitton has a heart and soul for Christ and telling the world about Him that has left my heart burning with a longing to do all I can to follow our Lord’s great commission. The sooner it’s done the sooner He will come back and make this earth and all who love Him what we were meant to be from the beginning. God bless you and thank you for such a wonderful life loving our God!!!!” -MT Taylor, Amazon Reviewer


New Children’s Book Teaches Young Readers the Importance of Making Choices

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For immediate release: When you’re a kid, sometimes it seems like the world is your oyster. You can chose whatever it is you want to wear, want to go, or want to eat. But sometimes having so many things to choose from can make life pretty hard! In her new book Fickle Fiona (Ambassador International; September 2013; $14.99, hardcover), author Kate Hanscom shows how important it is to be decisive.

This fun story takes readers through a day in the life of Fiona, a little girl who has a hard time making choices—even easy ones! After waking up to go to the park with her brothers, Fiona finds it hard to decide what she should wear. Growing impatient, her brothers decide for her—with unfashionable results! As the day goes on, Fiona finds herself faced with many more choices to be made.

The book also includes a resource page with questions to help children learn about similes. “I really wanted to have a book that can certainly be read as a bedtime story, but can also be used by educators or parents to support teachable elements,” explains Hanscom.

Hanscom is also the author of Literal Lily, which tells the story of a little girl who takes things a bit too factually.  Drawing from her own family members, the characters in both stories come to life to teach kids about the use of language—and to entertain them!

About the Author: Kate Hanscom resides in central Massachusetts with her husband and daughter. With the love and support of her family, Kate decided to fulfill her dream of publishing a children’s book. Self described as loving “bright colors, fancy paper, fresh-smelling candles, writing, music, swimming, making lists, flip-flops, a really good pen, and French vanilla coffee”, Hanscom allows her own personality to shine through in all of the children’s books she has written.

About the Illustrator:  Lynda Hansocm earned a BFA from St. John’s University and an MAT from the Rhode Island School of Design. Working as an art teacher for years, Lynda taught young children and teenagers alike how to express themselves through artistic forms. She continues expressing her passion and talent through book illustrations such as Literal Lily and previous book Tough Tommy. She lives in Northern Connecticut with her husband and credits her daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and grand-daughter as inspiration.

To learn more about the author and her book Fickle Fiona, visit or  For interview requests please contact publicist Alison Storm at

Fantasy Author Takes Readers on Epic Journey of Self Discovery

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For immediate release: What if you had to lose everything to discover your purpose? That is what Jehan faces in The Red Stones (Ambassador International; August 2013; $14.99, paperback), the first book of the Mantessi Trilogy.

The first book in this epic series is entertaining, riveting and offers an emotional ride that will leave the reader hungry for more. Being compared by readers to books such as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Red Stones is sure to captivate its audience by its enchanting and mysterious world.

The story centers on a young boy named Jehan who is left with nothing after his beloved home, the city of Mantessi, mysteriously disappears. He struggles to find shelter and work in a nearby village as he tries to understand what went wrong. Knowing he must find answers to why his home vanished, he sets out to uncover the truth behind the loss of Mantessi and his family.

Jehan’s journey becomes even more complicated—and difficult—when he realizes he isn’t the only one on a quest to find Mantessi. Not long after, Jehan is immersed into a mystical world that he is struggling to believe exists. Over the course of his journey, he finds himself forced to face a destiny that he didn’t choose—and doesn’t want. Along the way, Jehan is joined by some unlikely companions and learns that his role in this enchanted world is much bigger than he ever could have imagined.

Read The Red Stones to see just where his quest to find his home takes him. The Red Stones is McCarthy’s first work of fiction, but she also wrote Forgiveness is Not an Option, published by Ambassador International in 2012.

July: Ambassador Authors in the News

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Summer continues to roll on, and our Ambassador authors have been hard at work promoting their books. Here are some of the avenues that they’ve been featured on during the month of July:

Carolina’s CW | WYCW-TV


Flash Sale: Two Books, One Common Theme

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The book of Mark tells of a woman who, despite suffering great personal pain and tragedy, never lost her love for Jesus Christ. This story has inspired many struggling with personal suffering, including two great authors from Ambassador International, both of whom wrote books about this biblical story.

Despite drawing from the same source, these two authors definitely didn’t write the same book. Cynthia Goyang wrote Just One Touch, which tells the fictional account of a woman similarly maintaining her love for Jesus through hardship. Elizabeth Johnson, in her book Touching the Hem, tells of her personal struggle with illness, and how she never lost her faith because of it.

All this week (Aug. 1-7), you can pick up both of these books in one of our great deals! Own both books, with shipping included, for just $16.00 in our flash sale. You can also get either Just One Touch or Touching the Hem for the Kindle for just $2.99!

Though one is fiction and the other is nonfiction, there is a common thread running through both: keeping faith in God even when times are hard. These two books will deepen your understanding of biblical suffering and how one woman in the Bible is a great example to Christians.

Ambassador International asked both of these authors a few questions. Here is how they responded:

Touching the HemYour books both focus on the story from Mark 5 about the woman who pushed through the crowd in order to touch Jesus’s garment. How can your books complement each other?

Cynthia: I believe both Just One Touch & Touching The Hem, focus on: 1. What life changing things occur during suffering. 2. How a soul is to act/ react in the midst of suffering. 3. How one grows and grows closer to the Lord while suffering. 4. How a believer is used of God while suffering. 5. How one walks in healing (whatever that may entail).

Elizabeth: I loved reading Cynthia’s story, Just One Touch, and seeing through that story how this woman responded correctly to her suffering. Her focus on Christ as the great Healer, her action based on faith, and her persistence in trying to reach Him despite horrible circumstances — these are all part of a biblical response to physical suffering, which I cover in Touching the Hem. The two books complement each other quite nicely, first by seeing biblical truths regarding our response to suffering, then by seeing a depiction of that response from real life.


When did you first discover the story told in Mark 5?

Cynthia: I’ve known the story since childhood Bible Study Classes.

Elizabeth: I’ve known this story as long as I can remember, but a few years ago my pastor started preaching a series from the Gospels about “Personal Encounters with Jesus.” When he started teaching about this woman’s encounter with Christ, it was like I was hearing it afresh. It became the inspiration for my book, and the model for my own response to personal physical affliction.


just one touchWhy did you feel such a strong connection with this story?

Cynthia: The Woman with the Issue of Blood has always fascinated me. After studying, I found that a person with such a problem would most likely have been shunned by her family, friends and community. She was certainly a person living in an extreme crisis, but like that saying suggests: “Our extremity is God’s opportunity.” I feel a connection with her simply because like the Woman with the Issue of Blood, we each have “Issues” issues that can only be resolved by reaching out, by pushing through with faith-filled determination to touch Jesus Christ the Lord.

Elizabeth: Mark 5 tells us that this woman had spent all she had in search of a cure, yet was nothing bettered, but instead grew worse. I’ve experienced that same struggle in my own journey with chronic illness. Doubtless, I have not faced the utter social rejection or complete financial loss that this woman faced, but I have had severe physical problems – life threatening ones, even – that doctors could not seem to fix or even determine the root causes. It feels hopeless sometimes, as I imagine this woman felt with her ongoing suffering.


EJWhy does it stand out to you over other biblical stories of suffering?

Cynthia: All the stories of suffering are quite dramatic but the story of this woman in the midst of such a dire crisis has been for me one of the greatest examples of a soul’s humiliation, sickness, suffering and a soul’s determination, faith and subsequent healing.

Elizabeth: This woman was a social outcast. She had no money or other resources. Her health was almost non-existent. She literally had nothing, except what was internal – her character, her faith, her persistence. Her story is one of poverty to wealth, not monetarily, but spiritually. She reached out in faith that Christ would heal her, and He turned her life completely around by giving her immediate healing, social recognition, and restoration to usefulness. This story, more than most, displays the contrast between our poverty without Christ and our wholeness with Him.


CGWhat struggles has this story helped you through in your own life?

Cynthia: This story has helped me to have faith in Christ no matter how dire the circumstance. It has taught me to be quiet in my spirit, to know that He is God! This story has helped  me to truly know:  that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to [His] purpose. Romans 8:28. The Lord can and does use suffering to bring about His purpose. The Lord has an everlasting love and affection for each of his children and desires to see our ultimate healing.

Elizabeth: The story in Mark 5 nudged me into a deeper study of what Scripture says about physical suffering. It has encouraged me, as I’ve reflected on the fellowship of suffering we share with other believers. It has convicted me, as I’ve come to understand the courage and faith expressed in the woman’s actions. And it has comforted me, to see how willingly and completely Christ healed her – and to know that I will someday experience that full healing for myself, at least in heaven!

Facebook Giveaway: Win a Copy of Till the Storm Passes By!

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Till The Storm Passes ByAre you interested in getting a free book? Make sure you check out our monthly giveaways! We are celebrating the end of this hot July by giving away a free copy of Till the Storm Passes By. Check out Facebook for more details!

Evie Parker is plagued by a recurring nightmare from her childhood. After years of not knowing what the nightmare means, a deathbed confession points her to leave her home in Rhode Island and travel all the way to Alaska. How does she unravel a past that is shrouded in mystery? Can she make it through both the physical and emotional storms and open her heart to her one true love? Enter to win your free copy and find out!

Author Uses His Life Experience to Show the Healing Power of God

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For immediate release: Author David Daly tells the story of his life growing up in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, the period of great civil unrest that struck the country during the Twentieth Century, and shows how it led him to become a devout believer. As his story unfolds in One Way to Grace: A Memoir through Scripture (Ambassador International; July 2013; $13.99, paperback), Daly uses his powerful testimony to show how a person can come closer to God—even in times of struggle.

David Daly’s life didn’t start out easy. Growing up in Belfast, surrounded by haunting murals signaling which areas were Catholic and which were Protestant, the danger around him was real. Without God in his life, Daly felt aimless. In One Way to Grace, Daly explains how he found himself battling numerous demons, some of which threatened everything he held dear. Eventually he was faced with a choice: overcome them, or else lose everything.

Daly’s life has taken him around the world, from Israel to America, and the lessons he has learned along the way have forged a devout believer. This story of a man learning to love God despite hardship is a powerful testament to faith. “I thank God for these chances to be heard, to have the potential to touch just a single lost soul and bring them to Christ,” Daly says.

About the Author: David Daly currently lives in England with his wife, Gay, where he spends his time sharing his testimony, studying Scripture, and engaging in his church community. Dawn Merrow is a freelance writer living in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Benjamin. To learn more about the book visit To connect with the authors, please contact Alison Storm at

Facebook Giveaway: Win the Water Baby Prize Pack

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WBLTS_ENTER_Square_612X612Have a little one that loves the water? Enter a photo of your baby enjoying the pool, lake, or beach into the Facebook Water Baby Photo Contest for the chance to win a Water Baby Prize Pack valued over fifty dollars from Ambassador International!

To enter the contest, go to the Ambassador International Facebook page and submit a photo of your baby. We can’t wait to see your favorite photo.

With the warm weather and cool waters of summer, what better way is there to spend an afternoon than hitting the waves? Perhaps you can even take inspiration from Water Baby Learns to Ski by Barbara Collins and bring your baby out on the boat!

Water Baby Learns to Ski is the true story of a baby who grew up to be the national ski champion. With beautiful illustrations and a delightful story, this book will be sure to be one of your favorites!

The Water Baby Prize Pack is full of great prizes that will make the water even more fun than it already is! Here are all the awesome things you’ll get if you win:

  • Aqua Sphere Kids Seal Mask
  • Munchkin Bath Fun Bubble Blower
  • Munchkin Marine Adventure Foam Playset
  • Munchkin Gone Fishin’ Bath Toy
  • Autographed copy of Water Baby Learns to Ski by Barbara Collins

Check out author Barbara Collins on Carolina Now!