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Christian School Movement Must Face Realities, Needs Transformation According to New Book

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A Scent of WaterAuthors Deliver Message of Hope for Christian School Ministry

For immediate release: The Christian school movement currently lacks vision, struggles with enrollment declines and battles budget limitations, according to the authors of a new book that aims to restore hope and vision to the ministry. A Scent of Water: Bringing Life Back to the Christian School Movement (Ambassador International; September 2012; $15.99, paperback) combines scriptural truth with empirical research to provide a roadmap for the Christian school movement for the 21st century.

Authors Edward Earwood and Phil Suiter have combined experience in Christian education of nearly 75 years. “A Scent of Water is designed to take a look at the realities of where we are in the Christian school movement,” says Earwood, Executive Director for the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools. “We address some of the realities and lay out a protocol to infuse hope into our movement.”

Named for Job 14:9, “through the scent of water it will bud” and sprout anew, the authors explain what is needed for growth and improvement. This includes active leadership, vibrant teachers and strong vision that will revitalize and transform the movement. “We believe the Christian school movement is helping the church fulfill the task of taking the gospel to the world,” says Suiter, a pastor, educator and former West Virginia Assistant State Superintendent of Schools. “But we also see room for improvement.”

Author Edward Earwood has served 34 years in Christian education with positions ranging from teacher and athletic director to principal and pastor. After more than two decades in Alabama, he now serves as the executive director of the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools.

Author Phil Suiter taught in the School of Education at Marshall University. After leaving public education in 1980, Suiter has served in a variety of leadership roles within the Christian school movement both at state and national levels.

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