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Memorize Extended Scripture with Help of New Bible App

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Could you memorize large chunks of the Bible? How about an entire book? We have adapted Dr. Andrew Davis’ book  An Approach To Extended Memorization Of Scripture, into a 62-day plan through 2 Peter using a tried and tested approach of memorizing a new verse each day. Using a free daily plan available through the YouVersion Bible app, at the end of the 62 day period the reader will have the entire book of 2 Peter memorized. Listen to Dr. Davis explain the importance of extended memorization of scripture:

AnApproachtoExtendedMemorizationYouVersion is a simple, ad-free Bible app that brings God’s Word into your daily life. It is a free Bible on your phone, tablet, and computer. The creators of YouVersion, at, are not only building a tool to impact the world using innovative technology, but more importantly, engaging people into relationships with God as they discover the relevance the Bible has for their lives.

To assist you in your journey, here are a few free printable materials that Ambassador created to get you on your way:

Download: Printable Verses

Download: Printable Verse Planner

Download: Printable Covenant

You can begin your journey towards the memorization of 2 Peter with the YouVersion app today! What a thrilling odyssey of truth awaits you. Venture forth now, and memorize this thrilling epistle word upon word, line upon line. In a mere ten weeks (or less!), you could have this whole epistle written on the tablet of your heart for the glory of God and for your own joy in Jesus!

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