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Dr. Ben Carson Visits Ambassador Book Signing

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Our sincere thanks to Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson for taking the time to visit with Ambassador author Chuck Doan recently during his book signing of his newly released memoir Sand in Their Eyes. In his official statement released this week Dr. Carson said, “We must not depart from our goals to restore what God and our Founders intended for this exceptional nation.

Ben CarsonAs a refugee from Vietnam Chuck Doan came to America because it truly was a place that offered a freedom he couldn’t experience in Vietnam. As a teenager in the 1980s Doan embarked on a two-year journey to escape communist Vietnam. Facing imprisonment, starvation and extreme poverty, Chuck and his family must escape communist Vietnam or die in the attempt. His new book “Sand in Their Eyes” is the incredible true story of his search for freedom.

Packed in a tiny boat, hoping to escape Vietnam Chuck and his family battled starvation, dehydration and crippling fear night after night. “No food. No water. Just salt. That’s all we had left: Sand in Their Eyesthe breath in our lungs and the salt on our skin,” writes Chuck.

Finally they encountered some fishermen who gave them food and water, but would not take them to the safety of Thailand because the country was no longer welcoming refugees. Even after their tiny boat made it to the shore of Thailand, armed officers forced them back out into the water leaving them with only one option: sink their boat and swim back to shore in the dead of night.

Fast-Paced Spiritual Thriller Shares True Story of Survival for Christian Family in Communist Romania

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For immediate release: Imagine living under the constant danger of the Secret Police bursting into your home, and taking you—or someone you love—to prison, never to be seen or heard from again. Imagine watching your country suffer from the brutality of the Communist regime that swept through Eastern Europe in the wake of World War II. That was John Muntean’s reality in Romania. That is what he fought for years to escape. And that is what he fears is coming to America.

A fast-paced spiritual thriller, Willing to Die (Ambassador International; September 2013; $13.99, paperback), reveals the persecution John Muntean and his wife, Stela experienced, uncovering the evil that accompanied Communist ideology to Romania. Through fear, loss, and pain, the amazing power of God’s love provided a way for them not only to survive, but to prosper. And perhaps most importantly, this book shows all readers that many of the things John and Stela suffered to escape from in Romania are now appearing in America. “History appears to be repeating itself as Communist tendencies become more apparent in American politics,” warns Muntean.

Throughout this powerful story of John and Stela’s escape from Romania, both of them kept the simple but absolute faith that God was in control. Co- author Josephine Walker says, “John and Stela’s story shows that even in the most dangerous times God can be trusted. He will even use your enemies to be a blessing and part of His plan and purpose. The most important point however, is that through the telling of John’s story, God has a critical message to America and His people.”

About John Muntean: Born in Romania when it was still the beautiful, vibrant, productive Breadbasket of Europe, John Muntean and his family made a harrowing escape to America in 1982. He and his wife Stela have lived in the same Costa Mesa home since 1985 which they now share with their Dachshund Toby.

About Josephine Walker: Josephine Walker currently lives in Cody, Wyoming, where she enjoys the nature around her and focusing on her writing. To learn more about Josephine Walker, visit her website at

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