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World Series Sale: Ben Zobrist Shares His Faith Story

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Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for their World Series win! One of the players making headlines is second baseman Ben Zobrist. He and his wife Julianna give all the glory to God! Ben Zobrist and several other major league ball players share their faith story in the book God’s Lineup: Testimonies of Major League Players.

WorldSeries-SquareIn celebration of Ben’s World Series win we’ve lowered the price of God’s Lineup to just $.99 for the Kindle! Hurry, like every baseball game, this sale won’t last forever and we don’t want you to strike out! Take advantage of this home run of a sale and BUY NOW!

Brett Parks, Miracle Man Shares Story on HIS Radio

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Author Brett Parks shared his miraculous story of how God used a bullet to strengthen his faith on HIS Radio. Brett writes about the medical battle that included a 20-day coma, multiple surgeries, and an unexpected amputation in his book Miracle Man. Brett talked about his athletic career, his service dog Freedom and if he ever wishes he’d minded his own business. You can watch the full interview here: