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Flavors of Ireland: A Gift for the G8 Summit Leaders

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flavors_of_irelandAmbassador International’s popular cookbook Flavors of Ireland is now in the hands of the most powerful people in the world. The eight G8 prime ministers and presidents – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron, US president Barack Obama, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, France’s Francois Hollande, Italian PM Enrico Letta, Canada’s Stephen Harper and Shinzo Abe of Japan – all gathered in Northern Ireland this week. In addition to discussing foreign affairs the leaders enjoyed some incredible food created by the hands of Lough Erne Resort’s executive chef Noel McMeel.

McMeel is featured in two Ambassador International cookbooks. In fact, the dignitaries and many others who gathered for the G8 summit were given a souvenir copy of Flavors of Ireland by Margaret Johnson. Flavors of Ireland takes readers on a culinary tour of one of Europe’s fastest growing food destinations.

Chef Noel McMeel's Creations

Chef Noel McMeel’s Creations

McMeel, a well-known chef, has cooked for many dignitaries throughout his career. He told the Fermanagh News, “We’re going to be very focused on what we’re going to be doing, and how we’re going to be doing it. We’re using the best of local produce and we’re going to show the best of what Northern Ireland has to offer,” says McMeel. “We’re very capable, I’ve done a lot of different events like this before. Not as big, but I think it’s so important that we focus on what we’re going to serve them and their guests.”