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99¢ SALE: One Day Only!

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This week’s sale includes FOUR BOOKS, instead of just one! We’re dropping the price of the entire Crossing series by author Carrie Daws. Each one will be available for just 99¢ today only. After Thursday the price will go up to $2.99 through the weekend, and then it will return to regular price. So don’t wait- pick up your copies now!

Crossings99 saleRyan’s Crossing: After ten years, Ryan’s parents found his runaway sister, Amber. Now, as he drives to meet up with her and his parents before her wedding, his mind fills with the changes coming. Besides figuring out where she will fit into his life, a job change is on the horizon for him. But should he stick with small town life? Or should he move to Portland, Oregon? Meeting the family his sister is marrying into only brings more questions. Maybe moving to nearby Portland is the better choice. But something about the town of Crossing calls to him. Is it the friendly people who openly accept him as Amber’s brother or the cute brunette who happens to be sister of the groom? As Ryan weighs the pros and cons, He decides to put God to the test. Will He answer? Will He let him know which choices to make? And what if Ryan doesn’t like the answer? BUY NOW

Romancing Melody: Newlywed Melody Podell gives up everything she has ever known to follow her husband, a soldier in the US Army, across the country to his duty station at Fort Bragg, NC. Army life is not what she expected and she struggles to adapt to it and its constant call on her husband’s time. Soon after giving birth to their first child and dealing with her husband’s deployment to a dangerous part of the world, tragedy strikes forcing Melody to travel back to home. Walking back into the lives of her old friends in Crossing, Oregon, is the last thing Melody wants to do, but could she be missing something? Melody must decide if God is trustworthy even when she doesn’t like His plan. Is He really in control? Does He have a plan and a family for Melody in Fort Bragg? BUY NOW

Crossing’s Redemption: Many in Crossing, Oregon, would describe long-time resident Patricia Guire as an eclectic force to be reckoned with, one who speaks her mind. Yet something is changing. She seems to be dropping out of her normal activities, becoming scarce around town and less available to her friends. Amber Yager feels called to check in on Patricia. Yet as she spends time with her and discovers Patricia’s hidden past, she is drawn in to a group that brings disquiet to her own soul, ripping open old wounds. Will the love she’s found in Crossing be taken from her? Or could both Amber and Patricia finally find peace as God shines light into the darkest places of their hearts? BUY NOW

Crossing Values: For years, Amber traipsed around the Northwest avoiding the skeletons in her closet. Job-hopping every few weeks, she refused to let anyone get close to her as she slowly made her way east. As winter plants itself firmly across the Rockies, she decides to take a chance on a job at a logging company with a family different from any she’s ever known before.
Watching the family interact creates more questions than answers for Amber. Feeling like she’s entered the happily-ever-after written at the end of fairytales, she watches for cracks in the façade. Surely as the days pass, the play-acting will cease and the real family will emerge.
Or could she be wrong? Could they truly be genuine? Could Faye understand the trauma from her past or Peter think of her as more than just the winter
office help? Could this family really hold the key to what she’s seeking? BUY NOW

Fiction Friday Sale: Black Friday Edition

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FF 11 27Every week you can purchase our Fiction Friday ebook selection at an incredibly low price on Amazon. This limited time sale will expire on Sunday so act fast! This week’s Black Friday edition of the Fiction Friday sale actually features four titles in Carrie Daws’ Crossing series, all for just $1.99 each:

Buy the whole series for $7.96. Come back next week for our next Fiction Friday selection. Keep reading and have a great weekend!


Mother’s Day Flash Sale: 3 Books, 1 Low Price!

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flashsale smallNeed a gift mom will love? Stock her up on some great summer reading material! Now through midnight on Sunday, May 5 you can buy mom three great books for just $19.99, shipping included! You’ll receive all three books in Carrie Daws’ Crossing series, including the latest installment Romancing Melody. Mom will love these books, but don’t take our word for it– check out some of the recent reviews on Amazon:

  • “Carrie Daws’ book, Romancing Melody, is fantastic. The word “Wow!” kept coming to my mind while I was reading it.” -Paula McGrew
  • Romancing Melody the 3rd book in A Crossing Journey series is out of this world. I loved this book and the whole series.” -inspiremichelle
  • “Ms. Daws does it again! From the first page to the last I was hooked.” -Rita Noel


Guest Post: What is Romance?

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In honor of the release of her third novel, Romancing Melody, author Carrie Daws provides today’s guest post. Romancing Melody is available in paperback starting today and in various eBook formats.

roseWhat is romance? Long-stemmed roses and fancy dinners, boxes of chocolate and nights on the town. Truth be told, I’ve always been a simple girl.

To me, one rose of the right color is even more perfect than a dozen roses in an expensive vase because one rose conveys three things: 1) my husband thought of me and took time to stop to buy something for me, 2) he cares enough to remember and look for a rose in my favorite color, and 3) he knows me well enough to comprehend that while I’ll enjoy the rose immensely, I will also be thinking of the financial cost to our checkbook.

And that’s really what romance is all about: lavishing love on another. I treasure that my man knows me well enough in big ways and small ways to understand what I like and what I think. Picking the right color tells me he listens when I speak. Choosing to purchase one rose over a dozen tells me he is cognizant of my preferences and personal convictions between stewarding our resources and wasting them.

I believe the whole point of romance should be relationship. Romance draws you in, makes you yearn for relationship. Relationship drives you forward, makes romance fun and Romancing Melodyexciting. They can work together, forming an ever-deepening circle.

But have you ever thought of romance outside of the dating or marriage relationship? If romance is nothing more than lavishing love on another to draw them into relationship, then romance could be used in broader terms. Yet I think we tend to limit its usage because we understand that romance encourages intimacy. And intimacy is scary.

Opening our hearts to those who may let us down. Sharing our fears with those who may belittle them. Discussing our dreams with those who may tell us to be realistic.

But no matter what person comes to your mind as you read this, God waits, quietly romancing you. Pursuing you. Wanting to draw you into a relationship with Him.

Just a few months ago, a friend went through an incredibly difficult time. And as I loved her and prayed for her, I could see God working all around her. Yet her heart hurt and she couldn’t see clearly through the pain.

As I prayed for her, God drew me back to some painful times in my own life. And I began to see the romance, God weaving His love all around me and drawing me into a relationship with Him.

It seems to be a unique perspective on this holiday about love. Yet it’s all over the pages of history. God so loved, He created. He called a people to Him. He knew the law wasn’t enough and He came to save His people.

And now, 2,000 years later, God still loves His people. He still calls, to you. He still comes. To you.

Do you see the romance?

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Novel Addresses Hardships Facing Military Families

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Romancing MelodyRomancing Melody is the Third Installment in Popular Crossing Series

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  More than half of 3.6 million Active Duty military personnel in the US are married, 85% are under the age of 35 and slightly less than half have children.  The life of a military wife and mother is one author Carrie Daws knows personally and one she writes about in her latest book, Romancing Melody (Ambassador International; Feb. 2013; $11.99, paperback) in which she tells the story of a young newlywed and mother who must learn to trust that God has a plan for each of us.

Melody Podell is a new wife and mother when her husband is deployed to a dangerous region of the world. Feeling alone, she is unprepared to handle the tragedy that strikes and soon pushes away family and friends as they try to help her find solace in God. “The first problem is that Army life is not what she expected and she struggles to adapt. Shortly before her husband is deployed, Melody gives birth to their first child, and just as she is settling in, tragedy strikes,” explains Daws. Romancing Melody follows a relatable character as she faces tragedy and loss while focusing on the power of love and how God romances each and every one of us.

Romancing Melody is the third installment in what Daws says will be a four-part series. Crossing Values was released in early 2012, followed by Ryan’s Crossing in August. Just as with Daws’ other books, readers will find a free book club discussion guide as well as a character list available at These tools will help book clubs, small groups and individual readers delve further in to the themes and characters of Romancing Melody.

About the Author: Carrie Daws currently lives in North Carolina with her three children and her military retired husband.  She finds time to write when she’s not homeschooling her children, working at the church office, or volunteering with military ministries that are close to her heart.

To learn more about the author and her book Romancing Melody, visit or  For Interview requests please contact publicist Alison Storm at


CLOSED: Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Win Flowers and Fresh Fiction

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Ambassador International wants to put a little romance in your Valentine’s Day! To celebrate the release of Carrie Daws’ latest novel  Romancing Melody, available in eBook February 14 and print March 7, Ambassador is giving you a chance to win a flower bouquet and a copy of the book!  Carrie Daws’ third book in the Crossing series, Romancing Melody, tells the story of a young military wife and mother who faces a terrible tragedy.  The book reminds readers that God romances each of us daily because “romance is more than fancy dinners and roses.  Romance is all about one person lavishing love on another, drawing them into a closer relationship.”

Celebrate the HolidayRomancing Melody of Love this year by allowing God to romance you!  To enter to win simply “like” Ambassador’s Facebook page AND complete at least one of the following:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post
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You’ll receive additional entries for every step you complete. Win your copy of Romancing Melody and bouquet today and take time this Valentine’s Day to focus on the greatest love of all – God’s.

** Winner must be in the 48 contiguous states and provide a valid address accepted by to receive your flower bouquet. Winner will be chosen at random on February 15.