Dancing from the Shadows

by D'Ann Renner

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781620201121

352 pages

Price: $14.99

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Successful businesswoman Tori St. John is haunted by the verse “From whom much is given, much is required.” Poised at the glass ceiling with sledgehammer in hand, Tori decides to do something with real impact. she and her husband Phillip adopt two children from a Bulgarian orphanage. At five, Lydia is sugar-coated dynamite. Two-year-old Gabe avoids eye contact, prefers a silver bowl over shiny new toys and fears the vacuum cleaner. His diagnosis of autism leaves Tori depressed, obsessed with helping her son and angry at God. She adores her quirky, charming son, but what will his future be like if Tori can’t free him? Tori plunges into the special-needs world with the vigor that made her a business diva. This time the stakes are critical. As she struggles with Gabe’s disability, Tori’s world unravels. School’s not working for Gabe, their church rejects him, Lydia’s resentment escalates and a sultry co-worker is after Phillip. As she battles to save her family, Tori must learn how to balance a life she can’t control and embrace a different concept of normal.


D’Ann had been selected to enter her company’s fast-track program when she and her husband felt God’s call to adopt a sibling pair of older, third-world children. Her “Home Front Management” career became more challenging when her son was diagnosed with autism. She is active in the special needs world and speaks to local women’s and special needs’ groups. Her first novel, Dancing from the Shadows, is a fictionalized composite of situations encountered by real families. D’Ann and Bruce, her husband of 28 years, live in Johns Creek, Georgia with two teenagers, a dog and two cats. When not engrossed in writing and Home Front Management, Management, D’Ann advocates for special needs and directs a child sponsorship program for her church.