Addy of the Door Islands

by Judy DuCharme

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Fiction, History, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781649603036

312 pages

Price: $17.99

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When Addy and her sister Molly step off the Orphan Train Steamer in Ephraim, Wisconsin, no one waits for them. Hopes for a family that would treat them kindly while they worked for them are gone. Addy determines to find a job and care for her sister, but that presents problems she can’t quite handle. Even though Mr. Captain offers to help the girls find a home, Addy is convinced no one will ever want them. She’s just too much trouble and too impetuous. Besides, those pesky feelings of abandonment stalk her heart. As Addy and Molly get to know the kind and strong people of Door County and its isolated islands, perhaps they will actually find a place to call home. But will they ever learn about the family they lost? And what of the others from the Orphan Train? Who will love these children? Join Addy in her quest to grow into the heritage of the islanders by becoming a strong survivor and helping others do the same. Her attitude and actions will delight you and drive you crazy.

In Addy of the Door Islands, Judy DuCharme continues the saga of the fascinating people of the Door Islands at the tip of Door County, Wisconsin. Set in the late-1800s, Addy of the Door Islands shares the story of two amazing orphan girls who just want to be loved. Through their story, learn more about the islands and the children who were part of the history of the Orphan Train. And catch up with the people you loved in Lainey of the Door Islands.


Judy DuCharme grew up with Lake Huron next to her back yard and has always loved the water. She, her husband, daughter and son have lived in Door County, a peninsula that juts into Lake Michigan in Northeast Wisconsin, since 1984. After teaching fifth grade for twenty-two years, Judy followed the calling that tugged at her all her life to write. Addy of the Door Islands is the sequel to Lainey of the Door Islands. It is her ninth published book and she is the recipient of numerous awards. If you visit Door County, you may find her hiking in the woods, jet skiing on the bay, worshipping at her church, teaching a Bible study, cheering for the Green Bay Packers, playing with her grandson, or sitting outside enjoying the beauty around her.