All I Have Needed—A Legacy for Life

by Miriam Jones Bradley

Genres: Christian Living, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781620202104

208 pages

Price: $12.99

What legacy have you received?
What legacy are you leaving?

Miriam Bradley likes to say her childhood was nearly perfect, marred only by the death of her mother. This book is a celebration of the gift the author received from God, wrapped up in her parents and grandparents.

Through stories about the common sense wisdom of the adults in her life, the author shares how God gave her everything she needed, even in the face of such loss.

These stories are also a challenge. Can you identify your own God-given legacy? What kind of legacy are you leaving?  Will those who follow be able to say, like the author, all I have needed has been provided?

“I read All I Have Needed – A Legacy for Life in one sitting – couldn’t put it down.  How much did I love this book?  Let me count at least three ways for you.  One, as a grandmother it confirmed my belief in the importance we all . . . play in the lives of the children we care about and it gave me some new ideas for how to deepen the spiritual dimension of sharing that love.  Two, as a professional working with children who have experienced trauma, this book vividly demonstrates that even a child who lives with the trauma of losing her mother can experience healing and hope . . . .  And three, nearly every page of this book brought back memories of my own childhood with my own grand and great-grandparents – what a gift!”
–Susan H. Badeau, nationally known speaker and trainer on child trauma, adoption & foster care

“Miriam has a poignant way of sharing the rich lessons of a family heritage while interweaving spiritual truths.  Her book emphasizes the importance of family as a firm foundation on which our morals, values, and esteem are built.  She provides a beautiful example of the importance of family legacy.”
–Dr. Michelle L. Bengtson, Neuropsychology Associates of North Texas, P.A.


Miriam Bradley works as a registered nurse and enjoys speaking to students about the writing process and God’s plan for their lives. Bruce Bradley teaches chemistry at the college level. The Bradleys encourage others to record their family legacy. They make their home in the Carolinas.