Hand of Mercy: A Story of God’s Grace

by Ann Greenleaf Wirtz

Genres: Biography, Christian Living, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781620205327

176 pages

Price: $13.99

Hand of Mercy: A Story of God’s Grace is a cross-generational account of God’s mercy upon a family. When a car slams into 80-year-old Joseph “Joe” Nowicki causing him to die, twice, from the impact, a story unfolds that captivates the imagination. The two dreams which accompany his deaths are not about heaven . . . but hell. Joe lives to share his remarkable rescues from an eternity without God, with the Lord’s hand of mercy extended to this self-proclaimed atheist. Not only does this story reveal an eternal consequence, it also reveals multiple divine interventions in the areas of faith, healing, business, and the “coincidence” of timing. God’s mercy on this family, and others, gives hope that He is at work in the affairs of all, young and old, ever drawing us to Him, even if we are unaware. Joe experienced a simple truth:  life is short and eternity is real, and where we spend it is a choice we make.

Gene Andrews, Joe’s son, shares his family’s story so all may have a greater understanding of God’s hand upon our lives. He provides photographs that bless as they signify the heart of living.

Readers also have the opportunity to participate in “A Deeper Reflection” sections, found at the end of each chapter. Thought-provoking questions accompany Scripture that is relevant to the story and take us on an adventure of self-awareness and evaluation.


Ann Brubaker Greenleaf Wirtz is the author of The Henderson County Curb Market: A Blue Ridge Heritage Since 1924 and Sorrow Answered: A Journey of Grace. She was published in A Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas, 2012. She formerly wrote the weekly “Crossroads” for the Times-News, which still publishes her work. Her nostalgic remembrances of Christmases past appear each December in The Pulse. Ann is the mother of one son and has a granddaughter and grandson. She resides in Hendersonville, NC, with her husband, Patrick.