John Bunyan: Prisoner for Christ

by George J. Mitchell

Genres: Biography, Children & Young Adult

ISBN: 9781932307283

132 pages

Price: $5.99

John Bunyan is certainly one of history’s most famous authors. His book, The Pilgrim’s Progress, has been read by more Christians than any other book except the Bible. With such great fame, it is surprising how few know the story of Bunyan’s life and work in Bedford, England.

He was a man who fixed pots and pans for a living, but also loved to preach the Gospel. He spent almost fifteen years in prison for preaching and during those years wrote over 60 books. His contributions were great and his faith in Christ was strong. This book draws us into the life of a man who served Christ first, no matter the circumstances.


Dr. George J. Mitchell was a teacher, a principal, and a pastor before he retired and became a writer. He has been married for thirty-seven years, has two children and one grandchild, and lives in Scotland. This is his fourth book.