Melanie on the Move

by J.D. Rempel

Genres: Middle Grade

ISBN: 9781620209530



In this middle grade fiction by J.D. Rempel, a young girl questions how God can make something good from the bad.

Twelve-year-old star swimmer Melanie Cooper’s life seems perfect until her parents announce they’ll be moving. Then a job offer for her dad splits their family apart. Melanie makes new friends who show her that God loves and cares about her, but she has a hard time believing it, especially when more troubles fall on her family.

Discover with Melanie how God can bring something good from the difficulties in her life.



J.D. Rempel is a California native, whose passion is writing speculative and contemporary fiction for all ages. Currently, she is pursuing her MFA at Emerson College. As a confessed Anglophile, she’s usually found watching British TV especially mysteries. She loves to read, work with her husband in youth ministry, and play peekaboo with her turtle, Applesauce.