Life’s About Relationships: A Foundation for Good Relationships

by Dr. Don Woodard

Genres: Christian Living, Cooking & Lifestyle

ISBN: 9781649600462

140 pages

Price: $16.99

We interact with people every day whether it be with our coworkers, family, friends—life is filled with relationships! While not all relationships are good, with God’s help, we can work to better our current and future relationships and overcome the effects of toxic relationships.


Dr. Don Woodard has served in the ministry for over thirty years. He has served as a pastor, evangelist, and Christian counsellor. For fifteen years he traveled as an evangelist working extensively with teenagers. He has counseled thousands of people on various issues ranging from emotional abuse to sexual abuse. Woodard has served as a consultant to ministries that serve troubled young people and adults with addictions and behavior challenges. He has an earned Doctorate of Divinity from Carolina Baptist College and has studied Nouthotic counseling.