Light Breaking Through: Trusting God’s Timing

by Billie Cash

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781889893976

152 pages


“Light—the visible reminder of Invisible Light.”

God’s Light is brought forth by His great knowledge and skill. He is the Creator, the Director of the drama of our life. He knows our struggles, our aloneness, our brokenness, and our darkness. But His Light is searching, knowing, penetrating, often taking us by surprise in love or in loss.

This book lets us experience Light Breaking Through into our lives, intercepting us with peace, truth, love, and fresh insights at every turn.

He urges us onward, to continue, to grow, to believe, to love, to finish our race, giving us illumination in our darkest days.

We can trust His Light.


Billie Cash is an international retreat and conference speaker. She is also the mother of Carey Cash, author of the best-selling book. A Table in the Presence, and Kellye Cash, Miss America 1987. Billie has authored four other books, Windows of Assurance, Light Breaking Through, Autumn Rain, and PRAYERSURGE.