Maybe Someday: A Novel

by Ede Clark

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781935507178

198 pages

Price: $11.99

In Buffalo, New York, Patti is an accomplished young professional who prefers a good book to a romantic dinner and hot-fudge sundaes topped with gossip to solitary hours in front of the TV. Her passionate pursuit of present goals leaves her no time to languish over past losses. But when the family of a friend is plunged into the grips of tragedy, Patti chooses to walk a new path as the nanny of five children who lost their mother. The Five force Patti to face her own history of disappointment in love and abandonment by family. The pain and struggle eventually bring truth, overcoming the lies told to them all. But just as restoration and hope begin to take root in their lives, another tragedy takes from Patti. Will she once again cling to her career or people to give her life value, or will she build her life on peace and freedom found in truth?


Ede has a passion to serve people who are enslaved, forgotten, and without a voice. Since 2003 she has answered this call in China, where she helps women trapped in slavery in brothels, and men coming out of prison or off the streets. Ede has formed the non-profit organization Gotta Go to manage, grow and sustain this work. Visit to learn more about the hope available to these forgotten. When Ede is visiting in the United States, North Bend, Oregon is home.