Power Grid

by Art Adkins

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 978935507314

561 pages

Price: $14.99

Slade Lockwood, retired LAPD Deputy Chief and hero of The Oasis Project, returns in Power Grid to grant the cryptic wishes of a dying man. Trying to discover a secret power source which may have constructed architectural wonders of antiquity and destroyed Atlantis 11,000 years before, Slade finds that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Cast into an arena of international intrigue, he races against time and around the world to unravel the mystery of Power Grid and to keep it out of the hands of corrupt government officials and nations intent on turning an ancient technology into a modern weapon of war.  As the clues to Power Grid are revealed, will Slade succeed in his mission to make the secrets of the past remain in the past? The future of the Earth may well depend on it.


Art Adkins, award winning and bestselling author, lives in central Florida where he is working on the next novel in the Slade Lockwood series. Visit his website, www.artadkins.com, to learn more about his career and upcoming works.