Room 13B: A Pastor’s Journey with Depression

by Jeremy Dykman

Genres: Christian Living, Health and Wellbeing

ISBN: 9781649604163

172 pages

Price: $16.99

Room 13B: A Pastor's Journey with Depression

Jeremy Dykman had been serving faithfully as a pastor for many years until 2017 when he could no longer find his joy. When he began to contemplate ending his life, Jeremy knew that he was in trouble. He and his wife checked him into a hospital, where Room 13B became a place of healing for the weary pastor. As he worked through what had led him to that point, Jeremy realized that pastors and others who care for others needed hope, too.
In Room 13B: A Pastor’s Journey With Depression, Jeremy opens up about his own struggles with depression and trying to meet others’ expectations while battling his own demons. If you’re a pastor or spiritual leader, this book will bring hope and encouragement to know that you aren’t alone in your struggle. And if you’re someone who is a part of a ministry, this book will give you insight on how to better minister and support those who lead.


Jeremy Dykman is a pastor with a heart to serve God and a calling to share God's Word with others. He was born in South Africa and spent thirty-nine years in Johannesburg before moving to Canada with his wife and two sons. Jeremy graduated from two theological colleges and has spent many years preaching, teaching, and reaching people of all ages with the love of God.