Spiritual Exercise: Tone, Stretch, and Strengthen Your Faith

by Helen Krudop

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781932307191

93 pages

Price: $9.99

Have you started . . . and stopped . . . numerous fitness programs in an effort to be healthy and fit? Look no more! Spiritual Exercise contains a unique program to get you in shape where you need it most—in your spirit! This biblically sound book will lead you through 10 steps designed to tone up your spiritual life, stretch your faith and strengthen your heart toward God.


Endorsement for Spiritual Exercise:
“Helen Krudop’s spiritual heart is remarkably fit! In Spiritual Exercise she guides readers in tested practices and inner postures that stretch, grow, and expand the soul’s devotion to Jesus Christ. Helen helps us train in Christ rather than try by ourselves. Her writing sparkles with personal anecdotes and the wisdom forged of many years of faithfully exercising one’s heart in God’s arena.”
— Joel Warne, Director, WellSpring Life Resources, Inc.
Author, Soul Craving: An Invitation to the Feast that Satisfies and
How to Eat Your Bible: God’s Word as Food for Your Soul


A pastor’s wife, Bible teacher, and talented musician, Helen Krudop has ministered extensively in churches throughout Missouri with her husband of over 40 years. The Krudops are blessed with two married children and four grandchildren, all of whom reside in the St. Louis, Missouri area.