Sunrise in Another Land

by David Fergusson

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781620202548

328 pages

Price: $16.99

Neville – hit man – deadly – until that one night when a witness saw him. With nothing to lose he hunts her down, through the alleys of London – only to find someone unexpected . . .

William Hunt – young – reckless . . . and in love – but with the governor’s daughter. There can only be one option . . .

Hannah – protected, but with a past that needs answers – a shadow – always there protecting her – but for how long will she be safe . . .

From the solitude of the Scottish lochs to the savagery of the African bush – all will be hunted as they pursue the truth. None of them are safe as the darkness closes in. Yet , with the rising of a terrorist group scouring the African bush, and a mob syndicate searching the streets of London , one man’s dream  for the treasure of a lifetime will cause all their lives to collide resulting in a choice . . . of life . . . or death.


David Fergusson is the author of ‘Tribe of Shadows – The Hunted.’ Born during a bush war, David grew up in Zimbabwe, during the time preceding the end of one nation and the birth of another. Having left the land of his birth, David currently resides in Zambia with his wife, Heather and their two daughters.