The Secret of Nexus: Discover the Hidden Truth of Leadership

by Jeff Miller

Genres: Business & Finance, Fiction

ISBN: 9781620201138

208 pages

Price: $12.99

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Garrett Thompson’s life took a twist when he left the medical field to become an entrepreneur, and started Nexus, Inc. Making health products had turned into his passion, and with the help of his management team; Nexus Inc. has developed a secret product that could change the world!  Running a successful business and developing a potentially life-changing product had set up Garrett’s life to be a huge success. What he didn’t know was that his life was about to change and just around the corner was a huge test of his personal strength and leadership abilities.

Garrett has a passion to provide authentic leadership for his management team, the question is, can he really trust all of them?  Can he even trust his own father?  And, will he be able to continue to lead his family well while navigating the challenges of his business?

Through the captivating story in The Secret of Nexus, you will be exposed to the leadership traits that positively influence people.  Learn what it means to truly care and sacrifice for your employees, family, and community when facing the toughest of tests.  The true message of this story is found in the inspiration behind it!

Endorsements for The Secret of Nexus:

“Every position you are given has power. Will you abuse it or will you use that power for a positive impact on other people? This story will challenge you to use your leadership role to change lives for the better. I recommend it highly.”
—Cheryl Bachelder,
CEO Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen

“At no time have I encountered such an intriguing story that captures the essence of leadership.  As a business leader, I found the attention-grabbing story of Garrett Thompson bringing to life the values essential to becoming a successful and more fulfilled leader.  Every manager, coach, parent and leader should read it!”
—Willis Mullet,
President of Home Run Holdings (2009 – Current), President of Wayne Dalton Corporation (1970-2009)

“Leadership can bring many challenges and at times may feel overwhelming. Being a leader also offers many rewards as demonstrated in The Secret of Nexus. This story is captivating and the deep meaning behind it will inspire you to become more impactful in your own leadership roles.”
—Anne Beiler,
Founder of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

“Jeff Miller weaves a compelling and inspiring modern-day parable.  The leadership lessons will inform and the spiritual truths will encourage.”
—Blair Dowden,
President of Huntington University

“This is an easy to read fictional story with a powerful message on how to manage your business that all leaders could benefit from.  I was touched by the real message behind the story, and how that can affect our management principles”
—Derald Bontrager,
President & COO of Jayco RV Inc.


Jeff Miller ranks writing among his passions. In addition to creating works of fiction, he helps lead his family businesses: Essenhaus, Inc. and Dutchman Hospitality Group, Inc. Founded by his parents in the late 1960’s, the companies are now comprised of restaurants, hotels, gift shops and wholesale food distribution. Jeff lives in Indiana with his wife and children.