Thinking Rightly of Christ: What Scripture Really Says about Him – And Why It Matters

by Bryan Holstrom

Genres: Christian Living, Theology

ISBN: 9781935507253

308 pages

Price: $14.99

Is it really that important what we think of Jesus Christ and the nature of his work? Does the content of our understanding of him have any practical significance? Against a growing tendency in the church to downplay the value of serious theological reflection, Bryan Holstrom asserts that thinking rightly of Christ is not only an eminently practical pursuit, but one that no thoughtful Christian can afford to neglect. Addressing some of the most misunderstood and challenging teachings found in Scripture, Thinking Rightly of Christ strips away many of the modern misconceptions and errors in thought that plague our understanding of Christ’s person and work. The result is not just right thinking, but increased devotion to the One who asked What do you think about the Christ?


Bryan Holstrom is a Ruling Elder at Covenant of Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Batavia, Illinois.

    He is also the author of another Ambassador title, Infant Baptism and the Silence of the New Testament.