True Worship

True Worship: Traditional, Contemporary, Biblical

by David Whitcomb

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781932307306

252 pages

Price: $14.99

Discussions of worship often have a polarizing effect, doing little more than firming the impasse between the sides of “traditional” and “contemporary.” Because meaningful discussion has become increasingly difficult, a book about worship that returns to the basics will prove useful to the body of Christ. This book avoids the rhetoric from either side, confining strictly to what is said in Scripture.

True Worship is an effort to go beyond the categorizations of “traditional” and “contemporary” to explore what is truly “biblical” worship. In so doing, important illustrations of worship in the Scriptures are discussed, from the foundational requirements of true worship to the distinctiveness of its expression. Questions at the end of each chapter make this book ideal for Sunday School, small group, and personal devotional study.


Dr. David Whitcomb is the pastor of the Community Baptist Church in Greer, South Carolina. He holds a Doctor of Sacred Ministry degree from Northland Baptist Bible College and a Master of Arts in theology from Bob Jones University. Mark Ward, Sr., is a broadcaster, educator, speaker and the author of six books. He holds a Master of Ministry degree from Evangel Christian University and is currently the president of Message Media Group in Greenville, South Carolina