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Ambassador Authors in the News

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Several of our authors have enjoyed media attention in recent days and weeks. Here are a few of their interviews and reviews:

  • Author Donna Thornton talked about her new book The Easter Donkey on WYFF.
  • Dr. Andrew Davis was a guest on the Janet Mefferd Show to talk about his new book An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture.
  • The Kearney Hub previewed Holly Mthethwa’s upcoming book Hot Chocolate in June. The Lady Prefers to Save calls this book a must-read for spring!
  • provided a great review of Peter Hubbard’s book Love Into Light.
  • The Easter Donkey received a grWYFF Easter Donkeyeat review from Thoughts from Mill Street.
  • gave Scotties Learn About Respect a wonderful review with lots of photos.
  • gave Craig Lounsbrough’s newest book An Intimate Collision a four star review.
  • Pamela’s Heavenly Treats reviewed Speed Bumps and Roundabouts by Pip McCracken, giving the book four stars.
  • Crossing’s Redemption, Carrie Daws latest novel, received a wonderful review from Paula Lynn McGrew.

Johanna’s Journey Author Cindy Hamblen in the News

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Johanna's JourneyOur kids are facing big issues daily, Johanna’s Journey weaves current day issues like bullying, prejudice and friendship into the historical backdrop of Bible time Egypt.This past weekend Johanna’s Journey author Cindy Hamblen had the opportunity of promoting her new YA fiction title on NBC WYFF4 — with the Christmas holiday season in full swing Johanna’s Journey would make a great gift for any tween girl that you know.

Watch the interview HERE


Meet the author at Greenville Holiday Fair Dec 5-7


About the book:
Johanna’s Israelite people are slaves in Egypt. She dreams of two things—freedom from slavery and having a best friend. Her wish for a friend comes in the form of a servant girl, Kenyeh, who lives in the household of an Egyptian nobleman. Their friendship grows over the years as the girls enjoy the ruins of a great house, a secret hideout all their own, the wonders of a great Egyptian estate, and as they deal with bullying, prejudice, and other life trials.
Suddenly, their world is turned upside down when Moses returns to Egypt to lead the Israelites to freedom. Pharaoh’s stubborn refusal to allow this results in many plagues afflicting the Egyptian people. Kenyeh gives colorful reports of what happens at the estate.
Johanna’s people prepare to leave the land and journey into the unknown. With a hasty goodbye, the two friends part with determination to send word to each other. The Israelites set out on a journey of unexpected trials and also magnificent miracles from the LORD. Johanna’s faith in the LORD grows. Readers will never look at the Exodus story quite the same and will be encouraged to trust the LORD as Johanna did.

July: Ambassador Authors in the News

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Summer continues to roll on, and our Ambassador authors have been hard at work promoting their books. Here are some of the avenues that they’ve been featured on during the month of July:

Carolina’s CW | WYCW-TV