Godly Ever After | Fiona’s Faith, Book 1

by Brooke Bartz

Genres: Fiction, Middle Grade

ISBN: 9781649601261

188 pages


Middle school is tough. Especially when you tower over all the other girls in your grade. Fiona just wants to fit in when all she ever does is stand out. And when you’re a Christian, fighting against peer pressure is a constant battle. All Fiona wants is another Christian friend at her public school. But all the other kids in her seventh grade class just seem to care about fitting in, too.

When Fiona meets Mitchell, she finally meets someone else who shares her faith. But how can the tallest girl in class and the shortest boy in class ever be friends? When Fiona is given the opportunity to be on the cheerleading squad, she wonders if this is her opportunity to make friends with some other girls and to finally belong.

But when the other girls want to pull some pranks, will Fiona finally give in to peer pressure? How can a teen girl stand strong in her faith in Jesus Christ with the pressures of middle school? Is it worth it to remain godly if you never make any friends? Fiona has a choice to make that will affect her future in middle school and in life.


Brooke Bartz is a stay-at-home wife and mom. She is the founder of Open Hearts in a Closed World Ministry and Conference and is involved in women’s ministry at her church. She is married to her childhood crush, and they have a beautiful twelve-year-old daughter. Brooke desires for teen girls to come to faith in Christ and then live out their lives boldly and unashamed of the Gospel as they hold to their purity and stand for Jesus in their generation. She enjoys teaching women of all ages the Word of God and speaks at conferences. Brooke's passion is spurring on the women God leads to her sphere of influence, inspiring their hearts to be a living testimony in Christ and a light in the darkness.